Can I use my number in Google Voice for fax purposes? The short answer is YES.

For using your Google Voice number to send and receive fax, you need to first unlock your number and then port it to FAX.PLUS. Once the porting is done, You can benefit from all FAX.PLUS features while keeping your current Google Voice numbers. Please note that, once you port your Google Voice number to FAX.PLUS, it only functions as an inbound and outbound fax number and you can not receive voice calls anymore.

To use your Google Voice for faxing simply follow these steps:

Step 1 – Unlock your number (Google Voice number)

To be able to receive fax on Google Voice, you first need to transfer your number out of Google Voice. To do so, you should unlock your number by following these steps on your Google Voice account:

  1. Go to the Google Voice unlock page on your computer
  2. Select the Google Voice number you wish to port out to the FAX.PLUS
  3. Click Unlock my number followed by Continue
  4. Now, you need to pay $3 to Google to start unlocking your Google Voice number
  5. Once the number is unlocked, you get to move to Step 2 and request porting to FAX.PLUS to send and receive fax on Google Voice.




Step 2 – Port your unlocked Google Voice number to FAX.PLUS

To start the porting process to FAX.PLUS we need the following documents sent to [email protected] with the subject: Porting Request. Once received we will try our best to port your number into our service as smoothly as possible (with no downtime):

  • The filled out and signed LOA form (Please download and use the doc or the pdf file).
  • Your last invoice for your current number (we need the invoice to authorize ownership of number. Please click here to learn what is an acceptable copy of invoice).
  • After filling the documents please upgrade your account to your desired plan with a random number (this number will be temporarily allocated to your account), and send us the email address of which you have upgraded your account with.

When we have these two documents and are notified of your plan upgrade we will start the process and notify you accordingly of the progress.
Once the porting process is done, we will assign the ported fax number (your Google Voice number) to your FAX.PLUS account and remove the temporary fax number. If you wish to keep both your temporarily assigned number and your ported number on one account, simply upgrade your plan to Business or Enterprise.

Learn more about number porting on FAX.PLUS


What are the advantages of using your Google Voice number for faxing?

Here are some of the advantages of porting out your Google Voice number to FAX.PLUS and send and receive fax using Google Voice:

You get to keep your own number: You no longer need to worry about letting others know about your new fax number. You will use your own Google Voice number to send and receive fax online, and your clients and customers won’t feel any difference.

No need for a landline or fax machine: With your FAX.PLUS account you can send and receive fax without the need to have a landline or fax machine. A mobile phone or a desktop computer connected to the internet will do the job for you. You can also use the email to fax feature to send your faxes right from your email account.

Always available: Regardless of your internet connection status, your fax number is always active and ready to receive faxes. You’ll be notified via email and push notification as soon as there is a new fax in your inbox, and you can easily check your fax archives using FAX.PLUS application on different platforms (See where to download the FAX.PLUS application)

Send and receive fax from Google applications: Thanks to the FAX.PLUS Google integration feature, not only you use your Google Voice for faxing, you can also send fax from Google Docs, Google Sheets and even from your Gmail account. Learn how to send fax from Google applications.

Store faxes in an encrypted archive: FAX.PLUS is a HIPAA compliant fax service and fax files at rest are encrypted using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Learn more about FAX.PLUS security features.

To summarize, Go to your Google Voice account, unlock your number, and request to port out to the FAX.PLUS. Porting to FAX.PLUS is completely free and you will have access to all FAX.PLUS features, including Google Integration features while keeping your Google Voice number.


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