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Enterprise Ready Cloud Based Faxing

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Move your fax infrastructure to the cloud

Business and Enterprise plans are a perfect fit for the small, medium and large enterprises that use fax on a regular basis. We’ve changed the unpleasant & unsecure experience of faxing into a productive, efficient and secure experience.

Enterprise Ready

What are enterprise fax solutions?

Enterprise or corporate fax solutions are online fax services tailored to the specific needs of larger, more complex organizations.
Those organizations often have larger workforces, which can be spread across the country or the world. They’re often also subject to far greater scrutiny when it comes to security and compliance.
Any enterprise fax service, therefore, must cater to teams of all sizes and must employ high standards of data protection and security. The best enterprise faxing solutions, too, will be certified under a range of different compliance standards. 

Invest in the best enterprise fax solution

Extremely Secure Solution

FAX.PLUS is a HIPAA compliant faxing solution designed with multiple layers of protection across a distributed, reliable infrastructure in Switzerland. Securely transmit faxes from the web, mobile, or through connected third-party apps.

Meet Data Compliance Requirements

Meet and exceed your local data residency requirements by storing your faxes in the region of your choice. Regardless of the datacenter location, all fax files are stored fully encrypted using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Keep Your Current Fax Numbers

If you already own fax numbers from another provider you can transfer those numbers to FAX.PLUS with no downtime and benefit from all our features. Your customers will never know the difference.

Seamless Integration with Slack, Google Products & Other Apps

Is your company already using G Suite business solutions? Make sure to install the free FAX.PLUS G Suite app to handle your faxing right from Google Docs and Google Sheets. You can even integrate FAX.PLUS to thousands of other enterprise software by utilizing our Zapier integration.

High-Volume Faxing

Our enterprise plan starts with 4,000 faxes per month and can go up to whatever volume your company requires. Our concurrent fax transmission also ensures fastest possible delivery time in high-volume faxing.

Dedicated Support

Our support team is available to guide you through the entire integration or migration process and help you make the switch to FAX.PLUS easy and fast.

Advanced Admin Panel with Privacy in Mind

Enterprise cloud fax solutions must be accessible and usable by a large number of people, who may be widely distributed geographically. With FAX.PLUS, you're able to add multiple fax numbers and users to your corporate account and assign fax numbers to one or multiple users. Each member will have their own FAX.PLUS login credentials and a private archive with auditing capabilities for their managers.

Ensure high-volume and secure faxing with the best enterprise fax solution

Cloud-based fax solutions for individuals, small businesses, and others all need to be easy to use and cost-effective. The same is true of enterprise fax solutions, but there are some other major considerations for these, too.
An enterprise needs a secure corporate fax solution that a large team—perhaps, a global one—can use with ease and with confidence that all communication will be secure and compliant.
The best enterprise fax solutions deliver organizations this peace of mind, alongside all the other productivity and cost-saving benefits of online fax.  

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Enterprise fax solutions FAQs

What’s unique about an enterprise’s fax needs?

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The individual faxes an enterprise may need to send are unlikely to be much different to those of a smaller business. The need for them to be easy and quick to send is the same, too. The main differences when it comes to enterprise faxing lie in the areas of scale and scrutiny.
Enterprises may have a lot more faxing to do than a small business, with teams, customers, suppliers, and more spread across the globe. Any hint of insecurity or a lack of compliance, too, will hit an enterprise hard. Scalability and high standards of security, therefore, are of paramount importance to enterprises.    

Do modern enterprises still need to use fax machines?

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The short answer here is no. While many enterprises do still want and need to send faxes, they don’t have to rely on outdated hardware. In fact, the best enterprise fax solutions today are online fax services which let users fax from any device, anywhere, at any time.

What are the benefits of online fax for enterprises?

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There are a wide array of benefits for enterprises that choose online fax services over the traditional methods of faxing.
Firstly, they eliminate costs associated with purchasing and maintaining hardware like fax machines, modems, and more. What’s more, it’s easier to scale an online fax service, too. You can often add new users with a few clicks, rather than having to arrange physical machines, numbers, and more. The best online fax services, too, employ high standards of security to ensure all communication is safe and protected.