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Send high-volume faxes securely to 180+ countries, reaching up to 500 contacts simultaneously. Organize your contacts into groups for various campaigns and effortlessly monitor fax performance.

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Broadcast Faxes Online

Fax broadcasting, also known as 'fax blast,' is the process of sending a single document to multiple recipients at once, similar to a bulk email campaign but conducted through secure online fax.

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Import Contacts

Upload your contact lists from Excel or add them manually. Assign them to specific groups and campaigns.
Detailed Reports

Detailed Reports

After sending faxes, export logs to CSV for a comprehensive report on your fax transmission status.
Easy to Setup

Easy to Setup

Setting up fax broadcasting is easy as 1, 2, 3: import contacts, attach documents, and press Send.
Schedule Your Fax Broadcasting

Schedule Fax Broadcasting

Choose to send your mass faxes immediately or schedule them for a future date and time.
Automatic Retries

Automatic Retries

Fax.Plus automatically retries failed faxes once for free, with options to customize retries and delay settings.
Time & Money Saving

Cost Efficient

Speed up delivery with online fax, starting at $0.03 per page, and cut out hardware or telecom costs.

How does Fax.Plus’s fax broadcast solution help businesses grow?

  • Efficient distribution of price list updates to customers.

  • Submission of RFPs to vendors.

  • Distribution of press releases to news agencies.

  • Delivery of marketing campaigns and product updates to a broad customer base.

How to send a fax broadcast from your computer?

  • Ensure your contact list is current and organized into relevant groups.

  • Navigate to the Send Fax section on your Fax.Plus account Dashboard, and attach the documents you wish to fax.

  • In the recipient field, specify your individual contacts or groups as recipients.

  • Use advanced settings for options like Send fax to human-operated fax machines or to Retry delivering failed faxes.

  • Click on Send to begin the fax broadcasting process efficiently.

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