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Online Fax Broadcasting Service

Easy and efficient solution for high volume online faxing

Professional Online Fax Broadcasting Service

With the fax blast solution, you can send high volume online fax to 180+ different countries and reach out to your contacts easily and reliably.
You can create different groups for different campaigns and track the performance separately.

Professional Online Fax Broadcasting Service

Import Contacts

Import the list of your customers and subscribed users from Excel or add them manually and assign contacts to different groups and campaigns.

Detailed Reports

Finished sending faxes to multiple recipients at once? Export the logs to CSV and view the detailed report of your fax transmission status.

Easy to Setup

The fax broadcasting process is as simple as importing contacts, attaching documents and hitting the Send button.

Schedule Your Fax Broadcasting

You have the option to send your mass faxes either right away or schedule them for a date and time in the future.

Automatic Retries

FAX.PLUS retries each failed fax once free of extra charge to ensure maximum delivery. You can also define more retries and delay between each retry right from your panel should you wish to do so.

Time & Money Saving

Our concurrent online fax transmission helps speed up fax delivery by 5X. Send bulk faxes at prices as low as $0.03 per page, and save big for not needing to pay for any hardware, software or telecom bills.

How FAX.PLUS’s broadcasting solution is helping businesses grow:

  • Sending price list updates to customers
  • Submitting RFPs to vendors
  • Sharing press releases to news agencies
  • Sending marketing campaigns and product updates to customers

How to send a bulk fax broadcast from your computer?

  • Make sure your contacts list is updated and you have already assigned your contacts into different groups.
  • Go to the Send Fax section and attach the document(s) you would like to send.
  • In the recipient’s field, add the contacts or groups you want to send fax to.
  • Use the advanced settings to enable features such as “Send fax to human operated fax machines” or “Retry failed to deliver faxes” options.
  • Hit the Send button and start the fax broadcasting process.