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Fax Cover Sheet Templates

Add a fax cover sheet before your actual fax message and include more details about your fax

What is a fax cover sheet?

Online faxing is a secure, convenient, and easy method of communication that many modern businesses utilize. Fax cover sheets are an important way to protect fax contents and get messages to the right recipients.
A fax cover sheet (sometimes also called a fax cover page) is a page that is faxed to your recipient before your actual fax message and is used to identify the sender, the intended recipient, the subject, and maybe a few lines about the content of the attached documents. Fax cover sheets can be used for different purposes, from protecting the content of the actual fax message to adding more details about the intended recipient.

Fax Cover Sheet Templates

A choice of fax cover sheet templates from FAX.PLUS

You won’t always want to use the same cover page for a fax. The recipient, contents, and purpose of the fax will determine precisely how you want the cover sheet to look. With FAX.PLUS, you have a variety of options:

Pre-formatted fax cover sheet

You can easily add a generic fax cover sheet to any fax you send with FAX.PLUS. All you have to do is to head to the Send Fax section when you’re ready to fax a document and then select Add Page and then Cover Sheet. After this, you’ll be prompted to enter details like the recipient of the fax and its subject. Then, the information will automatically get populated on a pre-formatted cover sheet that gets sent as the first page of your fax. 

Download a fax cover sheet as a PDF

FAX.PLUS also offers a selection of free printable fax cover sheets that you can download as PDFs or word documents. Once you have, you’ve got a fillable fax cover sheet into which you can add the correct information for the given fax.  

Create a fax cover sheet template in Word

If you want more control over the look and format of your cover sheets for faxes, you could always create your own in Microsoft Word. There’s even a selection of templates for fax cover sheets in Word and other Office apps to choose from. Then, you can use FAX.PLUS’s Word add-in to send fax online straight from Word.

Create a fax cover sheet template on Google Docs

FAX.PLUS integrates with Google Workspace apps. Not only does that make email to fax simple with a Gmail account, it also means you can create your own editable fax cover sheet templates in Google Docs and send them with ease. 

Printable fax cover sheet examples

Fax cover sheet templates can vary based on the purpose of the fax and the recipient. If you’re just sending a quick fax to a colleague or team member, then your fax cover page template doesn’t need to be overly complicated. Below you can find a generic blank fax cover sheet has space for all the basic info you need to include. 
Appearances matter a little more for cover pages that you’re going to send to clients, suppliers, or other professional contacts. There is a fax cover sheet sample gives you more scope for including things like your company name and logo.
Also, one of the key purposes of a fax cover sheet is to make sure the right recipient receives your message. That’s even more important if the message contains confidential information. If you download and use one of the following fax cover sheets free of charge it will make clear when no one but your specified recipient should look at the next pages.  

Medical fax cover sheet (considering HIPAA)

How to fill out a fax cover sheet becomes an even more vital question when you’re dealing with healthcare information. A HIPAA-compliant fax cover sheet is designed to protect personal health information (PHI). 
So, as well as making clear on the cover page that the following fax is confidential, you may also wish to include a HIPAA disclaimer. That’s a short explanation that the following fax contains HIPAA-protected information and instructions to any recipient as to how to proceed and maintain compliance.  

Extra tips on how to make a fax cover sheet

Now you know what a fax cover sheet is and how you can create, customize, or download them, you’ll likely want to know what to include and how to add them to your faxes. You can add a coversheet if you want to send fax from computer, send fax from Gmail, send fax online using other supported devices and platforms.

What should I include on the fax cover page?

  1. Information about the sender: Name, Title, Fax Number, Phone Number.
  2. Information about the recipient: Name, Title, Fax Number, Phone Number.
  3. Information about the sender’s company: Logo, Address, Website, Email Address, Phone Number.
  4. Information about the fax: Transmission date, number of transmitted pages, the classification of the fax (confidential, urgent, needs a reply, …).
  5. A short message about the content of the transmitted document.
  6. A short note to the intended recipient.

How can I add a fax cover sheet to my documents to fax?

With FAX.PLUS, you have a few options for adding cover sheets to your faxes:

  1. Use the pre-formatted fax cover sheet template. This way, you need to add information about the recipient and an optional note, and the template will be generated automatically.
  2. Use one of the available printable fax cover sheets. This way, you should download one of the available printable fax cover sheets, fill it out and add it to the list of documents to fax.
  3. Use one of your own custom cover sheets. This way, you can make the required changes on your custom fax cover sheet, and then add it to the list of documents to fax.

Note: When adding your own custom cover sheet, make sure it is ordered as the first page for transmission.

Fax cover sheet options and a whole lot more from FAX.PLUS

FAX.PLUS tries to make it easy for you to learn how to fax online and to get the benefits of online faxing in your business. Using the right fax cover sheets is an easy way to boost the efficiency of your communications.
Whether you choose to use our pre-formatted fax cover page, download a free fax cover sheet template, or make your own, the right alternative will help protect your faxes.