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Ensure every transmission begins with a professional touch with cover sheets. Choose and download from our array of free professional templates, or create your own as a default cover for outgoing faxes.

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What is a fax cover sheet?

A fax cover sheet plays a crucial role when sending faxes online, ensuring the protection of your fax's contents once delivered. It serves to identify the sender, the recipient, the subject, and can also offer a brief overview of the attached document's contents. 

Beyond just safeguarding your message, fax cover sheets are versatile tools that can add clarity and detail about the recipient, enhancing the overall communication. Customize cover sheets with your branding or essential information to make your faxes stand out.

What are the categories of cover sheets available via Fax.Plus?

Fax.Plus offers three methods of using cover sheets to meet your fax communication needs.

Cover Sheet Generator

Use the Cover Sheet Generator when uploading your document to send out a fax. Fill in the requested details including your company’s logo, and they will be automatically incorporated into a pre-formatted cover sheet template, which will be sent as the first page with your faxed documents.
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Custom Cover Sheet

Import your custom fax cover sheet template directly from your personal computer by clicking on Cover Sheet Gallery when sending out a fax. Opt for a cover sheet you've added before, or upload a new file to get started.

Shared Cover Sheet

Account admins have the ability to upload custom cover sheets for their team, promoting uniformity in all communications. To use a shared cover sheet when sending out a fax, simply click on Shared Cover Sheet, and choose from the cover sheets made available for your team.

How can I add a cover sheet when sending out a fax?

From your Fax.Plus Dashboard, go to Send Fax > Add Page > Cover Sheet Generator.
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A popup window will appear prompting you to fill in some details. Next, click on Confirm.
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Your cover sheet is ready! Remember to attach the your documents. Click on Send.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What considerations should be made for a medical fax cover sheet, especially in regard to HIPAA compliance?
How to fill out a fax cover sheet becomes an even more vital question when you’re dealing with healthcare information. A HIPAA-compliant fax cover sheet is designed to protect personal health information (PHI). So, as well as making clear on the cover page that the following fax is confidential, you may also wish to include a HIPAA disclaimer. That’s a short explanation that the following fax contains HIPAA-protected information and instructions to any recipient as to how to proceed and maintain compliance.
How can I enhance my fax cover sheet?
Now you know what a fax cover sheet is and how you can create, customize, or download them, you’ll likely want to know what to include and how to add them to your faxes. You can add a coversheet if you want to send fax from computer, send fax from Gmail, send fax online using other supported devices and platforms.
What should I include on the fax cover page?
1– Sender Information: Name, Title, Fax Number, Phone Number.
2– Recipient Information: Name, Title, Fax Number, Phone Number.
3– Sender's Company Information: Logo, Address, Website, Email Address, Phone Number.
4– Fax Details: Transmission date, number of pages, classification (confidential, urgent, needs reply, etc.).
5– Brief description of transmitted document contents.
6– Optional note to recipient.
How can I add a fax cover sheet to my documents to fax?
With Fax.Plus, you have a few options for adding cover sheets to your faxes:
1- Use the pre-formatted fax cover sheet template. This way, you need to add information about the recipient and an optional note, and the template will be generated automatically.
2- Use one of the available printable fax cover sheets. This way, you should download one of the available printable fax cover sheets, fill it out and add it to the list of documents to fax.
3- Use one of your own custom cover sheets. This way, you can make the required changes on your custom fax cover sheet, and then add it to the list of documents to fax.

Note: When adding your own custom cover sheet, make sure it is ordered as the first page for transmission.
What options does Fax.Plus offer for fax cover sheets and beyond?
Fax.Plus tries to make it easy for you to learn how to fax online and to get the benefits of online faxing in your business. Using the right fax cover sheets is an easy way to boost the efficiency of your communications.Whether you choose to use our pre-formatted fax cover page, download a free fax cover sheet template, or make your own, the right alternative will help protect your faxes.

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