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Where can I download the FAX.PLUS application?

FAX.PLUS application is available across multiple platforms, including Web, iOS, Android, and G Suite, and all your data is synced seamlessly across all your devices.

On the FAX.PLUS Web application users can send and receive fax and manage their profiles. No software required and you can access the Web app from any browser. Go to FAX.PLUS Web app

Send and receive fax on your desktop computer using the FAX.PLUS desktop app for macOS and Windows devices. Get the FAX.PLUS Desktop app

The iOS application of FAX.PLUS supports both iPhone and iPad devices and is the best way to manage all your faxing stuff on the go. Download FAX.PLUS from App Store

Send and receive fax from your Android phone or tablet with the FAX.PLUS Android app. Download FAX.PLUS from Google Play or Amazon AppStore

Microsoft Word add-in
Send fax directly from Microsoft Word with FAX.PLUS add-in for Word. The add-in supports Word 2013+, Word 2016+, Word 2016 for Mac and Word Online. Download FAX.PLUS add-in from Microsoft Store

Google Workspace add-on
The FAX.PLUS Google Workspace add-on is where you get to find all the FAX.PLUS products for Google services, including Google Docs and Google Drive Download FAX.PLUS add-on from Google Workspace Marketplace

Google Docs add-on
The FAX.PLUS Google Docs add-on lets you fax your document right from Google Docs. Download FAX.PLUS add-on from Google Docs store

Google Sheets add-on
The FAX.PLUS Google Sheets add-on enables users to easily send their invoices or other types of sheets right from the Google Sheets. Download FAX.PLUS add-on from Google Sheets store

Chrome Extension
The FAX.PLUS Chrome extension is for those who want to have access to their FAX.PLUS profile from any tab on Chrome browser. Download FAX-PLUS extension from Chrome Web Store

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