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Google Fax

Integrate faxing into your current Google ecosystem

Send faxes from Google applications

Are you looking for an online fax service that sends faxes from Google applications? With FAX.PLUS your business will be able to send and receive faxes without having to worry about compliance, security and reliability.

Our Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) integration enables users to send faxes from Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Gmail, and even the Chrome browser. Integrations are available for free to all FAX.PLUS users.

Send fax from your Google Apps

Faxing with Google never felt this seamless

One of the advantages of using modern fax is that businesses who rely on Google can send faxes from applications such as Gmail, Google Drive and Google Docs. To initiate the integration and enable faxing through Google, you will first need to install the FAX.PLUS extension for Google Workspace and register to FAX.PLUS using your Google account.

If your company uses Google Workspace, you can enable SSO on your FAX.PLUS account to mitigate compliance and security risks. With this feature, your members will be able to access FAX.PLUS from their Google Workspace dashboard.

Download and benefit from all of these features:

  • Available for free to all FAX.PLUS users.
  • An easy, fast and secure way to send faxes from Google applications.
  • Use your Google account to sign up and login to your FAX.PLUS account.
  • Collaborate with team members. Work together on a document or spreadsheet, and send the final work as a fax.

Send fax from Google Drive

To send PDF files or other supported file types, ensure that Google fax is enabled by installing the extension and creating an account with your Google account details, then proceed with the following simple steps:

  1. Go to Google Drive and find the document you wish to fax.
  2. Right-click on the file you want to fax, hover over the Open With button, and choose FAX.PLUS from the list (if you don’t see FAX.PLUS in this list, make sure you have successfully installed the extension).
  3. Login to your FAX.PLUS account (or create a new account for free), and grant the FAX.PLUS extension the requested permission.
  4. Add the recipient’s fax number and fax your document.
Install Google Drive Extension

Send fax from Google Docs and Google Sheets

With FAX.PLUS Google integration, you can fax your spreadsheets and documents directly from Google Sheets and Google Docs. To fax your documents and spreadsheets, ensure that Google fax is enabled by installing the extension and creating an account with your Google account details, then proceed with the following simple steps:

  1. Open the document you wish to fax.
  2. Click on Add-on, followed by the “FAX.PLUS – Fax your document” and finally click on Send to open the FAX.PLUS sidebar menu.
  3. After logging in, enter the recipient’s fax number and hit the Send Fax button.
Install Extension

Send fax from Gmail

If you use your Google account to create a user on FAX.PLUS, you can utilize the email to fax feature and send fax from Gmail. You will also receive your incoming faxes right into your Gmail inbox.

  1. In the To field, add the recipient’s fax number followed by the @fax.plus (for example, +16692001010@fax.plus).
  2. Attach the documents you want to fax.
  3. Send the email.

To receive incoming faxes into your Gmail inbox and get the most of the Google fax feature, you must simply go to your settings on your FAX.PLUS account, and turn on your notifications with the On switch button.

Install Gmail Extension

Send fax from Chrome extension

FAX.PLUS also offers helpful extensions for the Chrome browser that allows quick access to your encrypted faxes. It is a secure shortcut where you will be able to open your account from any tab within the Google Chrome Browser. You can easily download the FAX.PLUS Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store for free.

Install Chrome Extension