How to Fax from Windows?

A simple guide to sending a fax from Windows computers.

Even in a digital era, many organizations such as banks and legal firms often require faxed documents. With so few fax machines available for public use, knowing how to fax from Windows can be invaluable.
With Fax.Plus, you can send faxes online from your Windows computer or laptop without the need to have a fax machine or landline.

How to fax from a computer with Windows 10

When it comes to Windows 10, the easiest way to send a fax is by using a service like Fax.Plus. You won’t need a fax machine and you’ll get the benefits of an integrated and secure service. All you need is an internet connection and any web browser and you can then follow these steps:

  • Sign up to Fax.Plus online and log in to your account.

  • Go to the “send fax” section to create the fax to be sent.

  • Add the recipient's fax number in the “to” field and remember to include the area code.

  • Attach any files you are sending and a cover sheet if required.

  • Press send.

How to fax from a computer with Windows 8

If you’re using an older system, it gets a little more complicated but it can be done. Follow these steps to send a fax from a Windows 8 PC:

  • Have the document or other file you want to send open.

  • Click “print” in the file menu.

  • Add the rA print dialog box should open; select “printer” and then “fax”. Then click “print”. ecipient's fax number in the “to” field and remember to include the area code.

  • “Welcome to the Send Fax Wizard” will open.

  • Click “next” and then enter the recipient’s name. Then add their fax number(s).

  • You can then select a cover page template and fill in relevant details.

  • Clicking “next” on the schedule page will send the fax.

How to fax from a computer with Windows 7

You can also send a fax from a PC on Windows 7. Simply follow these instructions to send a fax from from Windows 7:

  • Select “Windows Fax & Scan” from the programs list. Note: you need to set up an account to send a fax.

  • Click on the Fax button.

  • Choose between Fax and Scan options.

  • Click the “new fax” button to open a dialog box.

  • Select your chosen cover page and select the contact you want to fax to or add the required fax details.

  • Add the text of the message or attach the files you want to send.

  • Click send.

Fax.Plus: A simpler way to fax from Windows whatever your OS

As you can see, although you can send a fax using any OS, it’s a little easier when it comes to Fax.Plus.
While using a Windows tool may not be too much trouble for an individual who isn’t sending many faxes, if you’re a business that needs to regularly fax documents, then it might be time-consuming and awkward.
Choosing Fax.Plus lets you fax online easily and cost-effectively. With a range of plans that suit business needs and budgets, Fax.Plus is intuitive and straightforward to use, meaning that anyone in your organization can send faxes with a minimum of fuss.


Do I need a fax machine to fax from Windows computers?
No, you can send faxes from a computer that operates Windows 7, 8, and 10. When it comes to using Windows 10 the best way to send your documents is by using Fax.Plus. It provides a fast and easy process and can even be integrated with your other applications such as Slack and Zapier.
What software or apps can I use to fax from Windows?
There are various options when it comes to a dedicated fax-sending service. They may offer different plans that recognize the level of use and how regularly you plan on sending faxes. One of the most popular choices is Fax.Plus, which provides a variety of different pricing plans to suit your needs as well as offering some of the highest security guarantees.
Is it more efficient to fax directly from Windows or use an online fax service?
Sending a fax online via a dedicated app or service is far more efficient than faxing directly from Windows, especially if you are regularly sending faxes. With a dedicated service, you get an easy-to-manage and secure fax service that makes sending a fax intuitive. While these services usually cost money, they offer a range of plans that can suit any business’s budget and often come with useful options such as cross-device access, which allows you to send a fax from your phone or email.

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