Receive Faxes Online With a Local or Toll Free Fax Number

With Fax.Plus you can get a local or toll-free fax number from your desired area code in different countries and receive faxes online.

  • Sign up for an account on Fax.Plus.

  • Choose the plan you wish to subscribe to from our plans & pricing page.

  • Select the country and area you wish to get a dedicated fax number from.

  • Finalize the process by making your payment.

  • Your fax number is ready to receive fax online 24/7.

Understanding fax numbers: Do they require a landline?

A fax number functions similarly to a telephone number but is used to direct faxes instead of voice calls. The great news is that fax numbers don't need to be tied to a physical landline anymore.

By registering with an online fax service such as Fax.Plus, you can easily obtain a free fax number, enabling you to receive faxes digitally without needing a fax machine. Wondering how to secure a local fax number or a toll-free fax number for your business? Let's dive into how Fax.Plus can make that happen for you.

Need to port your number to Fax.Plus? Keep on reading.

Secure your fax number with Fax.Plus

Getting a fax number is very simple with Fax.Plus. Just follow these simple steps:


Quick sign up

Register in just a minute using your email or Google account with Fax.Plus.


Choose your fax number

After selecting your preferred plan, choose a fax number from your desired country and local area code. Get a toll-free or vanity number to increase your business's professional image.


Ready to receive faxes

Start receiving faxes on your computer, mobile, or via email, anytime and anywhere. Your fax number stays active 24/7,  even if you are not connected to the internet.

Easily port your number to Fax.Plus!

Ready to bring your existing fax number over to Fax.Plus? We’ve made it seamless for you. Simply visit our Number Porting page and complete the Porting Request Form to get started.

Why Fax.Plus?

When you choose Fax.Plus, you're not just getting a fax number –  it's about simplifying your faxing experience.
Plus, you'll gain access to a suite of features and benefits designed to enhance your faxing process:

Extremely Secure Solution

World Wide Coverage

Choose from over 40 countries, including the US, Canada, Germany, Japan, and France, to get your dedicated fax number.
Meet Data Compliance Requirements

Always-On Reception

Your fax number is always ready to receive new incoming faxes, even if you’re not connected to the internet.
Seamless Integrations

Versatile Accessibility

Access your faxes on multiple platforms such as web, mobile (iOS and Android), email, Slack, and desktop.
Dedicated Support

Secure Storage

Transfer existing fax numbers to Fax.Plus without any downtime and enjoy a secure, encrypted archive for your faxes.

Fax Number Portability

Keep your current fax number by easily transferring it to Fax.Plus via porting, allowing you to maintain continuity while accessing our full suite of features.
Keep Your Current Fax Numbers

Custom or Toll-Free Numbers

Select from a wide variety of custom (vanity) or toll-free numbers to match your business identity.

Available countries for local fax numbers with Fax.Plus

Fax.Plus offers local fax numbers in more than 40 countries and 500 areas globally. Choose your plan, select a local number in your desired area, and start receiving faxes online on any computer or mobile device. Plus, sending faxes online is straightforward once you're a Fax.Plus user.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a fax number work without a landline?
Rather than being connected to a physical landline, as with a traditional fax machine, when you sign up to an online fax service, you’re assigned a virtual fax number instead. Any would-be sender can then fax you at that number and you’ll receive the message via the online fax software’s interface.
How much is a fax number from Fax.Plus?
You get at least one fax number as standard when you sign up to any of the four Fax.Plus plans. The Basic Plan, at $6.99 per month, and the Premium Plan, at $13.99 per month come with one dedicated business fax number. The Business and Enterprise plans, priced at $27.99 and $79.99 respectively, come with two dedicated fax numbers. It’s also easy to add additional numbers to any plan for $4.99 extra per month.
Can you call a fax number?
If you call a fax number associated with a traditional fax machine, you will typically be connected, but all you’ll hear will be a series of beeps. You can’t actually make a call and speak to someone on a fax number. The same is true for a virtual fax number attached to an online fax service; it’s not for making or receiving calls.

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