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How to send fax from Android phones and tablets?

If you want to send fax from Android phones and tablets, you just need to download the FAX.PLUS application from Google Play, follow a few easy steps and send your documents as a fax from Android.

How to send fax from Android?

1. Download and install FAX.PLUS app (Click here to download from Play Store)

2. If it’s your first time opening the app, make sure to complete the registration process and verify your mobile phone number (You may use your Facebook or Gmail account for a quick registration)

3. Open the app and go to the Send Fax tab

4. In the To field, add the destination’s fax number (make sure to follow the pattern: Country code, followed by area code, and followed by fax number)

5. Tap on the Add Files or Add Text buttons and attach the documents you’d like to send as a fax (the Add Text field is used for adding a fax cover sheet)

6. Tap on the Gear icon on the top left of the screen to enter the advanced settings. You get to schedule a fax, enable automatic retries when the recipient’s line is busy, send fax from Android to human operated telefax devices.

7. Now, tap on the Send button on the top right side of the screen and you are all done.

8. You may check the status of your sent fax in the Archive menu

Is it free to send fax from Android? You can fax up to 10 pages for free. If you need more than 10 pages you can either purchase credits or upgrade your plan.

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