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How to send a fax from Gmail?

To send a fax from Gmail, make sure you have already registered to FAX.PLUS (sign up now!)and you are using the same email address associated with your FAX.PLUS account, and then:

  1. Open your Gmail account and click on the Compose button
  2. In the To field, add the recipient’s fax number followed by the @fax.plus (for example [email protected])
  3. Attach the documents you want to send as a fax from your Gmail
  4. Use the body of the email to add an optional cover page and the subject of the email as an optional note

    If you wish to disable sending the body of your email as a fax cover sheet, go to the General tab in the Profile section, find the Email to Fax box, click Edit and toggle off the Include Email Content in Fax item. Learn more

  5. Click on the Send button and wait for the delivery confirmation in your email

Alternatievly, you can download the FAX.PLUS add-on for Gmail to send a fax directly from Gmail.

See the Google fax article to learn how to send fax online from Google applications.

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