How to Use a Fax Machine?

A fax machine is a device that can send and receive documents electronically, usually over a phone line or telecommunication links. While fax technology is still recognized as a reliable and secure communication tool, traditional fax machines have largely been replaced by more secure methods, like online fax services and fax servers.

How does a fax machine work?

A fax machine sends and receives documents over a telephone network by converting them into electrical signals. The transmission can be between two fax machines, a fax machine, and fax server, an online fax service, or any other platform that is capable of receiving faxes.To send a document, the user puts the document into the fax machine and enters the recipient's phone number. The fax machine then dials the number and sends the document over the phone line as an electrical signal. On the other end, the recipient’s fax machine converts the electrical signal back into a document, which is then printed out.To use a fax machine and be able to send and receive faxes, you need to make sure your traditional fax machine is already connected to a phone line, has enough paper in the tray, and Installed the toner cartridge or ink correctly.

How to send a fax with a fax machine?

  • Put the documents you wish to fax in the order you want them to be received.

  • Dial the recipient’s fax number.

  • Hit the “Fax” or “Send Fax” button.

  • Let the transmission process begins.

  • You may receive a confirmation page depending on the type of fax machine you are using.

How to receive a fax with a fax machine?

  • Make sure your fax machine has enough paper and ink/toner.

  • Wait for the fax machine to ring and push the “Start” button.

  • Your fax machine will start printing out the received faxes.

What are the disadvantages of fax machines?

High maintenance costs

Fax machines need paper, ink, toner, and some other equipment to be able to transmit and receive faxes. You need to have a checklist and always have some spare paper packs, ink, and toner.Therefore, this is a good place to start enquiring about options for sending a fax, as well as other business needs such as post services

Requires a landline phone number

To ensure proper functionality, a fax machine requires a physical connection to a landline phone number, as it relies on the analog transmission of data through telephone lines, which is a fundamental aspect of its operation.

Not scalable as your business grows

With a traditional fax machine, there is no option to send a fax to multiple recipients at once. It drastically reduces the productivity of your business if you have to deal with sending and receiving faxes on a high-volume basis.Therefore, this is a good place to start enquiring about options for sending a fax, as well as other business needs such as post services

Not accessible everywhere

You can access the incoming faxes only if you are beside your fax machine, and there is no way to get urgent faxes when you are outside your office or have taken a few days off.

High rate of international faxes

If you need to send faxes abroad, you need to take international fees into account.

Not environment-friendly

Fax machines will automatically print every faxes, even spam faxes, and if you plan to become a green company, you should really consider saying goodbye to your fax machine.

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What are the fax machine alternatives?

While your business is still tied to sending and receiving faxes, it doesn't mean you have to deal with traditional fax machines too. Online fax services are the best fax machine alternatives that not only can help you transmit documents faster and more securely, but will also help corporates and enterprises be more productive and environment-friendly.Let’s review the advantages of online faxing as the best fax machines alternatives:

Super cost-saving

There is no maintenance cost, and there is no need for a phone line, paper, ink, or toner

Send and receive faxes everywhere on any device

Unlike fax machines, with online faxing, you can access all your faxed documents on your computer or mobile phone and send and receive faxes whenever you want and wherever you are.

More secure and compliant

With an online fax service, only the intended recipients can access incoming faxes, and depending on the online fax service you choose, all your fax files can be encrypted as an extra layer of security.

Boost productivity across team members

With a traditional fax machine, there is no way to set up a team, organize faxed documents and send one single fax to multiple recipients at once. However, with online faxing, as the best fax machine alternative, you can easily set up a team, assign multiple numbers to one or multiple team members, send one fax to multiple recipients at once, and much more

Fax.Plus is the best alternative to fax machines

If you are looking for an enterprise-ready, easy to use, extremely secure, compliant, reliable, and scalable online fax service, Fax.Plus is the best solution for you.You can check the Fax.Plus Features page to learn more about our secure online faxing solution and contact us for a personalized demo.

How to fax without a fax machine?

  • Sign up for a free account on Fax.Plus (No credit card needed).

  • Go to the Send Fax section and enter the recipient’s fax number in the To field (country code + area code + fax number).

  • Click on the Add Text or Add File buttons to attach the documents you wish to fax.

  • Send your fax right away and wait for the confirmation email.


Where can I find a fax machine near me?
With an online fax service, you no longer need to look for a nearby fax service, as you have access to a powerful fax machine in your pocket without having to have an actual fax machine, landline phone service or fax modem.
When was the fax machine invented?
The fax machine (electronic printing telegraph) was invented in 1843 by Scottish inventor Alexander Bain.
How much does a fax machine cost?
Traditional fax machines are typically priced between $100 to $500, and you should consider the maintenance cost as well as the price for paper, ink, and toner. If you want to transmit faxes in high-quality, the price can increase to $3,000.

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