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How to Send Free Fax From iPhone? (Send Fax for Free)

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You just stepped out of your office and suddenly remembered that you forgot to send an important fax to a client. The good news is that you have the hard copy of that document with yourself, but you are still wondering how to send free fax from iPhone. Aren't you?

Well, you are totally in luck as there are so many different iOS applications that enable you to send fax for free. If you have time for searching the best online fax service, simply open the Store app on your iPhone and search one of these terms: “send fax from iPhone”, “send fax for free”, or “how to send free fax from iPhone”, then install the first results, compare the performance and finally choose your favorite iOS app for sending faxes. But if you don’t have the time for searching, keep reading the article as I’m going to introduce to you a wonderful iOS app to send and receive faxes on iPhone.

How to Send Free Fax From iPhone?

One. Download and install FAX.PLUS iOS app on your iPhone or iPad

Two. Use your Google or Facebook account to register a free account and activate with your phone number

Three. Make sure you are in the Send Fax tab and then specify the recipient from your contacts or type his/her fax number

Four. Tap Add File, followed by Scan with Camera to enable the built-in scanner

Five. Use your iPhone’s camera and scan the document you want to fax

Six. Use available editing tools to optimize the quality of your scanned document and get it ready for faxing

Seven. Hit the Send Button and wait for the transmission process to be completed

Eight. Your fax delivered successfully

There is also the option to add a cover page to your fax, enable scheduled transmission, enable Retry feature to keep calling at given interval, and also send your fax to a human operated telefax or fax numbers that require extension dialing.

Install FAX.PLUS, the free faxing app, on iPhone or iPad, and start sending and receiving fax on the go.

Note that, to send free fax from iPhone with FAX.PLUS, you are limited to 10 pages and you need to either add credit or get a plan to send more pages. And if you are interested in having a dedicated number to receive faxes on your iPhone, you need to apply for a plan. Make sure to check the FAX.PLUS Pricing page and find the plan suits you the best


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