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Time to Unplug Your Old Fax Machine and Switch to Online Fax Services

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Fax is still requiered in your business and you need to use your old fax machine to communicate? Well, have you ever thought of switching to an online fax service and getting rid of your heavy device? If so, we believe you have made the right choice and there is nothing to discuss here. But, if you are still attached to your fax machine, it’s better to keep on reading and find out why we believe now may be the perfect time to stop using your aging fax machine and switch to online fax services:

Why is it time to switch to online fax services?

Let’s Go Green!

Do you how many paper companies waste yearly for printing any incoming fax? Well, if you switch to virtual fax services, you no longer need to print all your received faxes and you get to choose which pages to store digitally and which pages to keep as physical copies.

You No Longer Are Limited to a Certain Location

Your faxes are only available where your own fax machine is located. So, if you are taking a few days off, or you are on a business trip, you won’t have access to your faxes and there is a chance you miss an important document when you come back.

There is no Maintenance Cost

How much do you spend on the maintenance cost of your fax machine? And how often do you have to replace your broken machine with a new one? Well, using an internet fax service, there won’t be such costs and you get to send and receive as many pages as you want without worrying about depreciation or maintenance. It’s now the time to say goodbye to buying ink, toner, paper, and all the needed equipment.

There is no Annoying Setup

Say, you’ve already bought a new fax machine and you have to set it up before being able to send and receive faxes. The setup process may get complicated after a while and therefore you need to call an expert to fix the problem for you. It’s going to cost you both time and money.

There is no Unauthorized Access

Your fax machine is already located in the copy room of your office, isn’t it? Well, if you go with the traditional method to receive faxes, there is a high chance that your colleagues will read the faxes on the tray. In other words, with traditional fax machines, it gets really hard to control who can read some faxes and who cannot.

It’s a Whole Lot Easier to Manage and Organize

With a fax machine, you cannot decide which faxes to print and which not. Apart from being less green, you have to manage so many faxes every day, and after a few months, it gets nearly impossible to find a specific fax between all the received pages. So, you need to put lots of time and effort to manage and organize all your faxes, which can get really frustrating after a while.

It Handles Huge Amount of Faxes at Once

Say, you are going to send a simple form to 100 different people via your fax machine. How long do you think it takes to dial each contact separately and wait for the machine to process your request? Well, on an online fax platform, you just need to do a one-time preparation and send it to multiple recipients at once. So, if your business relies on sending and receiving faxes, or you simply need fax machines for personal use, you may consider switching to internet fax providers and get the most out of the advantages of online fax services. If you want to try an online fax service, head to the FAX PLUS website, signup for a free account, and try sending faxes for free.  

Switch to online fax services and let us know about the benefits of sending faxes online.


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