There are different ways to send a fax online and you can easily send fax online using your PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Send fax from Gmail (or any other email server or client), send fax from Google Drive (Google Docs and Google Sheets), send fax from Mac (Apple’s productivity apps including pages and numbers), send PDF to fax, send fax from Microsoft Word, and send fax from your own enterprise software are all possible using online fax services.

FAX.PLUS, the #1 ranked online fax service, enables users to send a fax online for free from different platforms and devices. So, use your Google account, Facebook account, or your email, sign up to FAX.PLUS for free and start sending faxes online.

Keep on reading to learn

  1. How to send fax from computer
  2. How to send fax from mobile
  3. How to send fax Gmail
  4. How to send fax from Google Drive
  5. How to send fax from MS Office
  6. How to send fax from Mac devices


How to send fax from computer?

If you are using your PC or laptop to send a fax for free, follow the steps below to send your fax right away:

  1. Login to your FAX.PLUS account or create a free account (No credit card needed)
  2. Go to the Send Fax section
  3. In the To field, enter the recipient’s fax number(s)
  4. Click on the Add File button to attach the documents you wish to fax from computer
  5. Click on the Send button and your fax will be transmitted immediately

You can the option to add an optional cover sheet, schedule your fax to be sent later, and a lot more.




How to send a fax online from mobile? (iOS and Android)

FAX.PLUS Android app as well as FAX.PLUS iOS app lets you fax document right from your smartphone or tablet. You just need to download the fax app from Play Store or Apple App Store for free, login to your account, go to the Send Fax section, and you know the rest.

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How to send a fax online from Gmail (Send fax from email)

Email to fax is one of the most convenient and fastest ways to send fax online. If you wish to send fax from Gmail for free, follow these steps:

  1. Click here to sign up to FAX.PLUS using your Google account (Click on the Google button to sign up with Google)
  2. Open your Gmail account and click on the Compse button to start a new email
  3. Enter the recipient’s fax number followed by in the To field ([email protected])
  4. Attach the document you wish to fax from Gmail
  5. Send your email and the fax transmission will be started right away

You can use the Body of your email to write an optional cover sheet and you can use the subject of email as a Note.

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How to send a fax online from Google Drive (Google Docs and Google Sheets)

The FAX.PLUS G Suite add-on enables you to send fax from Google Docs and Google Sheets for free. This Google integration feature is a perfect choice for those who store their documents and spreadsheets on the Google Drive and looking for a way to fax such files right from the Google Docs app and Google Sheets app. Simply download the FAX.PLUS Google Docs add-on and FAX.PLUS Google Sheets add-on, follow the instructions and send your faxes.

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How to send a fax online from Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint,…)

Thinking of setting up a fax modem, plugging a landline phone to the modem and send a fax from MS Office? Well, we’ve got a way easier solution for you; online faxing solution. Once your document, excel file, or presentation is ready to be faxed, you just need to share the file via Email and use the Email to Fax feature to fax your word document online. Note that, this method works on both Windows and Mac devices.

UPDATE: You can also fax your word document directly from MS Word application with the FAX.PLUS add-in for Word. Simply get the add-in for free from Microsoft Store, follow a few simple steps and transmit your word document from Word 2013, Word 2016, Word 2016 for Mac or Word Online. (Get FAX.PLUS add-in for Word)

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How to send a fax online from Mac devices

The FAX.PLUS web app works flawlessly on Mac devices and you just need to open the web browser on your MacBook, go to the FAX.PLUS web app and start sending fax. But if you want to send fax from Apple’s productivity apps such as Keynote, Pages, and Numbers, you are going to need to use the Email to Fax feature. Like sending fax from MS Word, you need to share your final file via Email and send fax from the Mail app.

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Is FAX.PLUS a HIPAA Compliant fax service?

Yes, it is. If you are looking for the best online fax service to transmit patients’ sensitive data without having to worry about any data breach or unauthorized access, FAX.PLUS is the online fax service you should go for. Learn more about FAX.PLUS HIPAA compliant fax service.

So, with a FAX.PLUS subscription (The plans start from free with no credit card information needed), you get to easily and securely send a fax online and store all your documents is an encrypted archive.


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