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Fax Number Porting

Keep your current fax number and migrate to the most advanced online faxing solution

To port your current fax number(s) to FAX.PLUS kindly fill out our Porting Request Form.
Once we receive your request and can confirm that your number is portable to our system we will ask for the following documents:

Fax Number Porting
  • The filled out and signed LOA form (this country-specific form will be provided to you by our porting team once we receive your request).
  • Your last invoice for your current number (we need the invoice to authorize ownership of the number. Please include a summary copy containing your name and the number owned).
  • Depending on the country you wish to port your number from, we will ask you to upgrade to a specific plan or higher with a random number (this number will be temporarily allocated to your account). For example, to port a US number you need to upgrade your plan to Premium or higher (Premium, Business or Enterprise).
  • When we have the required documents and are notified of your plan upgrade, we will initiate the porting process to move your number into our service as smoothly as possible (with no downtime) and will notify you accordingly of the progress.

Once the porting process is done, we will assign the ported fax number (your previously owned fax number) to your FAX.PLUS account and remove the temporary fax number. If you wish to keep both your temporarily assigned number and your ported number on one account, simply upgrade your plan to Business or Enterprise.

If you need any further information please visit our Help Center or Contact Us.