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How to Send Fax From Computer (No Fax Machine Needed)?

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Well, you have a document to fax and you are wondering how to send fax from computer. The less optimized way is connecting your PC to a fax machine over a modem or phone line, and the totally optimized solution is using an online fax service to fax from computer or even your mobile phone. If you prefer the internet fax solution, note that there are so many cloud-based fax services with different features, qualities, options and pricing policies and you need to choose wisely based on your needs. Most of such fax services offer the service to send fax from computer for free with high quality and you just need to know where to look.

If you are looking for a free service to send fax from computer or mobile, make sure to try the FAX.PLUS free fax services. To get started you either need to download the mobile app for Android or iOS or simply head the FAX.PLUS website and start sending faxes right away. Since we are talking about the ways to send fax from computer with no fax machine needed, open a web browser and follow the simple steps:

How to Send Fax From Computer Without Using Fax Machine:

  1. Open FAX.PLUS website on your PC
  2. Hit the “Sign Up for Free” button
  3. Use your Google, Facebook or email account to signup and verify your phone number as well
  4. Now it’s time to enjoy sending faxes for free (with limited credit)
  5. Go to the “Send Fax” tab, choose the recipient from phonebook or simply type the number
  6. Start attaching your files or a text to be sent
  7. Hit the Send button and your fax will be sent in a blink of an eye

Note that, FAX.PLUS offers some great faxing options to improve your experience while sending a fax from computer. For instance, you get to send a fax to an extension number,  to a human operated telefax machine, and you also get to send your fax to multiple recipients at once, scheduling the delivery time, send a cover letter along with the document and a lot more.

So, if you have already tried the free fax feature on FAX.PLUS and looking for a way to upgrade your subscription, make sure to see our online fax pricing and choose the package suits you the best.

Now that you've learned how to send fax from computer, share your experience.


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