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What Are The Different Ways to Send and Receive Fax Online with PC or Mobile?

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Online fax services are here to help you send and receive fax online with your PC or your mobile phones. Depending on the internet fax provider and the plan you subscribe, you’ll be provided with different sending and receiving options. For example, some fax providers only enable you to send and receive faxes on PC using a web browser, and some other providers also offer a mobile application to perform your faxing tasks with your phone or tablet. There are also some fax services that enables you to receive fax to Gmail or send your fax from your email client.

Let’s review different ways to send and receive fax online with PC or mobile:

Send and Receive From Your Web Browser

Assuming you have already registered to an online fax service, you just need to open the provider’s website and depending on the action you want to, go the respective menu. If you haven’t registered to a fax provider service, go to FAX.PLUS website and easily register with your Google or Facebook account. After registration, you get to send faxes for free (10 free credits) and to be assigned a virtual fax number you may subscribe to a plan as low as $4.99 monthly.

Send and Receive From Your Mobile Phone (or Tablet)

If you are looking for a more convenient solution to send and receive faxes online, you may want to try the mobile apps for faxing. While most of such application only offer the option to send fax files, there are some other virtual fax providers which offer the user both sending and receiving functionalities. Go to FAX.PLUS Android app or FAX.PLUS iOS app and make faxing even easier and quicker.

Receive Fax to Gmail (Or Any Other Mail Client)

Once you subscribe to an online fax plan, the feature to receive fax to Gmail enabled automatically. So, you just need to provide others your virtual fax number and you’ll receive an email as soon as they send you a fax. The email includes the details of the received fax, including the faxed document and sender’s name. As you see, there are different ways to get the most out of your online fax plan and you get to send and receive faxes literally from anywhere and whenever you want. You just need to go for a plan (even a free plan depending on your needs and usages) and either open a web page, install a mobile application or even simply open your email client.  

So, what's your preferred way to send and receive fax online?


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