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How to Send International Fax From Japan to US and Rest of the World

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Fax is still popular in Japan and companies use this communication method to send and receive documents securely. To send international fax from Japan to US (United States), Canada, Germany, and rest of the world, you can use your fax machine, use your fax modem, use a fax server, or use an online fax service. Each method has its own challenges and disadvantages, but when it comes to sending faxes to international numbers, the cost of international calling matters the most. So, if you are looking for a cost-saving way to send international fax from Japan to other countries, keep reading the article.

See Also: What Are The Disadvantages of Fax Machines? What’s the Solution?If you choose fax modems or traditional fax machines to send faxes to other countries from Japan, you must consider the costs of international callings to those destinations and most importantly you must be in Japan to send faxes. But if you choose an online fax service, you don't necessarily need to be in Japan to send faxes from this country, and you also shouldn't be worried about having a Japanese landline and paying for international calling.

So, to obtain a Japanese fax number and send international fax from Japan to different cities and countries all around the world, do as follows:

Step One. Open FAX.PLUS website and register for free, if you haven't already

Step Two. Go to your Profile, make sure you are in Plan & Billing tab, and click on the Change Plan option under the Subscription Info box (On Android and iOS devices, go to Profile and then look for Subscription Detail option)

Step Three. Select the desired plan based on your usage and required duration, and then click on the Country and select Japan from the list

Step Four. Speicfy the number type and your Japanese fax number is ready immediatelyNow you get to easily send faxes using your dedicated Japanese fax number to more than 150 countries all around the world including United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, Turkey, and Italy.

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