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How to Send Fax Near Me?

We got you covered with the best options for “fax near me”

Fax services near me?

If you’ve found yourself having to look up things like “send a fax near me” and “options for faxing near me” at least once lately, you’ll know firsthand that it can be a frustrating process trying to find the best place to fax documents.
We’re going to break down your best options for sending faxes. From looking at where you can send a fax nearby to exploring options like FAX.PLUS, that allow you to send a fax from wherever you are.

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Where might you be able to send a fax nearby?

When you’re asking yourself, “where can I send a fax near me?”, it helps to know a few options to get you started. The following suggestions are likely to provide fax services in your local area and can be found with a quick search:

Community center or public forum

An initial option, if you’re searching for a public fax machine nearby, is a community center or public forum in the town or city where you live.
Community centers and forums are built to serve the community and provide access to a whole range of services, including fax machines.
On top of this, they can be a good place to start searching for fax machines near you, because, even if they don’t have a fax machine, they are likely to know the local community. As such, they should be able to point you in the right direction to find a fax service.


One of the most readily available answers to the question of “Where can I fax something?” is always going to be a library.
Freely accessible to the public, these spaces are good for more than just books. In most libraries, you can print items, do research, fill out forms, and, crucially, send faxes.
The tiniest ones might not have the necessary equipment, but even a small city is likely to have at least one library where you can send a fax.

Business centers

Another popular choice for people searching for a place to send a fax are business centers. Business centers are designed with the modern workforce in mind. That means that they’re there to support your needs as a business owner or employee and can offer collective access to the more costly office supplies, such as a fax machine.
Therefore, this is a good place to start enquiring about options for sending a fax, as well as other business needs such as post services.

Send a fax at a post office

Many postal facilities across the United States go beyond their traditional mail services by offering photocopying and faxing solutions. If you're residing in the U.S., you can easily pinpoint a nearby post office using a post office locator tool. Alternatively, in cases where your local post office lacks faxing capabilities, you have the option to turn to well-known carriers like FedEx, Postal Annex, or UPS for your faxing needs.

What if there’s no fax machine near me?

A public space like a library is a great idea until it isn’t available to you. Whether it’s because these services aren’t very close or because you’ve missed their opening hours there’s always a chance that nearby fax machines are unavailable.  There’s a clear need for an option that is always accessible.
This is where being able to send a fax online comes in handy and many are opting for services such as FAX.PLUS. Online faxing gives you access to faxing services wherever you are and whatever time it is. Especially, as many online faxing services are available as an app, allowing you to send faxes from your device whenever you need to.

How to send a fax online?

  1. Sign up for a free account on FAX.PLUS.
  2. Go to the Send Fax section and enter the recipient’s fax number.
  3. Click on the Add File to attach the documents you wish to fax.
  4. Send your fax right away and wait for the confirmation email.

Benefits of having an online fax service at hand

So, let's go into a little more detail about the benefits online faxing provides.  Demonstrating its value as a service, regardless of how often you need to send a fax.

Always available
Online fax services remove the fruitless search for a fax service that is near you and open when you need it. Instead, you can start sending faxes online by using a web or desktop app or even start faxing straight from your email. So, you have access to a service that is available when you need it. Providers like FAX.PLUS also let you send a fax from an iPhone or other mobile device. Meaning that all you need is an internet-capable device and an internet connection and you can send the faxes you need. 

No queues
It can be very annoying to find the perfect fax machine near you, only to realize that twenty other people have also found it and need it.Thankfully, online fax services get rid of this problem. Since they’re internet-based, they can be used by thousands of people simultaneously without anyone’s use impacting anyone else’s. The practical results? No more waiting times.

No risks of technical error
Generally, the great thing about faxes is that they’re secure. However, a downside is that fax machines can break or need repairs, especially when they’re public. An online fax machine can’t break down the way a physical machine can. That means you’re safe from technical problems, so once you’ve sent a fax, it will always arrive safely.

Cost-effective and maintenance-free
Choosing an online fax service lets you start sending faxes without stressing about expensive prices. You aren’t covering any maintenance costs included in the price and you can choose a plan that exactly suits your business needs over a long period of time.

Easy to master
Learning how to fax online takes no time at all. You can simply follow the instructions provided by online fax services like FAX.PLUS, and be ready to start sending documents in minutes.

Say goodbye to those scrambles to find a fax machine with FAX.PLUS

Instead of searching for a place that will let you fax your documents, FAX.PLUS gives you access to effortless faxing suited to your business.

All you have to do is sign up for an account and choose a plan that suits your faxing, security, and integration needs. After that, you’ll be able to easily fax your documents to anyone with a fax number with a few quick clicks.You get to enjoy all the benefits with none of the drawbacks by using FAX.PLUS and the best part is, you can start with a free plan to try it out for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to find a reliable fax service near me?

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Finding the perfect fax machine near you isn’t always a simple or quick matter. This largely depends on two things: Where you are and what time it is.
If you’re in a large city you’ll likely be able to send a fax at all hours of the day and night, although that doesn’t always mean it will be nearby.
Whereas, if you’re in a less populated space, you’ll be less likely to find a reliable fax service near you. That’s especially true after 5 pm or during public holidays.

What are the pros and cons of a local fax service Vs. online fax?

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With a bit of effort and using help guides such as this one, you’re likely to find a local fax service that can serve your needs. Even if this service isn’t always available.
Local fax services offer the advantage of giving a more personal service and you might be, understandably, reluctant to lose that.
However, although online fax can’t offer an in-person service, it does offer numerous different benefits.
It’s always available, easy to use, and extremely accessible. On top of that, most services—like FAX.PLUS—also offer great customer service, which will certainly solve any issues you might have.

Is online fax or a local fax service more cost-effective?

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Although the average local faxing service may offer some deals, especially if you cultivate a relationship, they are unlikely to be as cost-effective in the long run.
This is because they will have certain costs that can’t be reduced, such as machine maintenance or paying rent. With an online fax service like FAX.PLUS, you’re able to fax up to 10 pages for free, which can be a great starting point for freelancers or new businesses assessing their needs.
Beyond that, you can pick the most suitable plan for you that will not only take care of your faxing needs but will also come with extra features and perks, such as Slack and Zapier integrations or advanced security controls.