Most of the online fax services offer the option to send free fax from your computer or mobile devices. But, most of the time they require you to add your valid credit card to be able to charge you once you reach your free fax quota or your trail ends. Well, in this article, we show you an easy way to send free fax without credit card. You just need to register to FAX.PLUS online fax service and start send faxes for free to more than 180 different countries, including the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Italy, and Turkey.

Send Fax for Free

So, how to send free fax without credit card?

Step One. Open FAX.PLUS website on your web browser (if you are on mobile, you’ll be redirected to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to download the FAX.PLUS faxing app)

Step Two. Either use your email to register or simply sign up with your Google or Facebook account

Step Three. Verify your account with your phone number

Step Four. And now you are all set to send free fax without credit card to most of the cities and countries all around the world

Step Five. Go to Send Fax tab, add documents you want to send a fax, specify the recipient and hit the Send button

FAX.PLUS offers 10 free fax pages to send, and in order to send more faxes or enable the option to receive faxes with a dedicated fax number, you need to add credit or buy a paid plan.