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How to Send Fax to Mexico From US (It's Online and Free)

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If you are in the States and looking for a way to send fax to Mexico from the US, we've got a free and online solution for you. Using an online fax service, you get to easily send faxes with no need to have a phone landline, a working fax machine and most of all you don't need to pay a penny for establishing an international call to transmit the fax. Note that, when choosing the online fax service to send fax to Mexico from US,  you need to consider whether that faxing provider supports sending faxes to Mexico and most of all whether it offers dedicated fax number in the U.S.

FAX.PLUS cloud-based faxing solution is one of those online faxing services that enables you to obtain a U.S. fax number and it also supports sending fax to Mexico. So, do as follows to send fax to Mexico from US and other countries all around the world:

Step One. Open the FAX.PLUS website on your mobile phone or a web browser (You'll be automatically offered to download FAX.PLUS Android or iOS apps when browsing with your mobile phone)

Step Two. Sign up with your Google or Facebook account and make sure to verify your account with your phone number

Step Three. Go to the Send Fax tab and start attaching documents (PDF, TIF or JPG) to be sent to Mexico via fax

Step Four. Now add the Mexican fax number to the Add Recipient's filed and you are all done. (Mexican numbers starts with +52 as the country code, followed by the city code and the local number)

Step Fax. Hit Send and your fax will be transmitted immediately for free.

Note that, if you need to send fax using a dedicated U.S. fax number, you can easily go to Profile and look for My Fax box. From there, choose Change Plan, subscribe to a plan and choose the United States from the list of available countries. For more information, make sure to read this help article: How Can I Get a Plan?

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