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How to Send Fax to Italy Online and Free?

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Online fax services enable you to send faxes for free to virtually any location in the world. If you want to send fax to Italy and any other location all around the world using such internet faxing services for free, keep reading the article.If you don't have access to a fax machine, or you just don't want to pay for international calling to overseas, pick an online fax service, choose a plan and do as follows to learn how to send fax to Italy and other countries.

How to send fax to Italy and the rest of the world online?

  1. Go to FAX.PLUS website and create your free account (Use Facebook or Gmail account for faster sign up). You may also use FAX.PLUS Android app or iOS app to send faxes to Italy with your mobile phone.
  2. Now, go to Send Fax page, and start adding the documents to be sent via fax
  3. Use the To field to specify the recipient and don't forget to include the coutry code. For example, if you are going to send a fax to Italy, the fax number must be started with (+39) followed by the city code and fax number.
  4. Hit Send and your fax will be sent to Italy right away.

See Also: How to send and receive fax on Google VoiceSo, no matter you are going to send fax to Vatican City from U.S., or send fax to Milan, Rome and any other cities in Italy, FAX.PLUS got you covered. FAX.PLUS is a HIPAA compliant fax service that also enables users to send fax to 180 different countries worldwide and the 10 free pages credit make sure you can get familiar with the features of fax service before updgrading your plan.

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