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How to receive fax online?

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Online fax services have completely changed the way we used to send and receive fax. Companies and people have ditched fax modems, machines, and phone lines as it has become a lot easier to deal with and access all our documents online. Not only do you have the option to send fax online, but you can also receive it online across different devices seamlessly in a single account.

To receive fax online, you can receive it in several ways. One of the most popular ways is via email (such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Outlook). You can also receive fax on your Android or iOS mobile phone through a dedicated fax app, as well as your computer or laptop through different applications such as Slack or a web browser. In just a few and simple steps you can also receive faxes on your custom-built software or your enterprise system by utilizing the FAX.PLUS API.

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Get an online fax number or port your existing fax number

To get started, you need to get an online fax number from FAX.PLUS. This fax number enables you to send and receive fax online at your convenience from anywhere on any device.

  1. Sign up for an account on FAX.PLUS
  2. Choose the plan you wish to subscribe to from our plans & pricing page
  3. Select the country and area you wish to get a dedicated fax number from
  4. Finalize the process by making the payment
  5. Your fax number is ready to receive faxes 24/7 and you get to receive faxes to email, phone or computer.

If you already own a fax number, you can port that number to FAX.PLUS with no downtime. Learn more about how to port your current fax number. You can even port your Google Voice number and receive fax on Google Voice.

How to receive fax to email

First of all, make sure you have completed step one and you have been already assigned an online fax number.Now, if you have signed up to FAX.PLUS via your Google account, you can utilize the Google fax feature and have all your received faxes forwarded to your Gmail inbox automatically. But, if you have used other email addresses to sign up, such as your corporate email address, and wish to get a copy of your received faxes to your personal Gmail account, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to your account and go to the Profile section
  2. In the General tab, find the Notification box and click on the Edit button
  3. Click on the Modify button next to the Email option to open the Email Notifications settings
  4. Make sure the Received Fax Notification option is set to “On (notify and attach fax to message)”
  5. Toggle on the Multiple email recipients and add your Gmail account to the list of email addresses you wish to forward a copy of your received faxes to.

How to receive fax on phone (Android and iOS)

Once you get your online fax number, you can use the FAX.PLUS app for Android and iOS devices and turn your phone or even tablet to a pocket-sized fax machine to send and receive faxes on the go.

You will receive a push notification as soon as there is a new fax in your inbox and you can check the received documents inside the app.

How to receive fax online on a computer or laptop (Windows, macOS, Linux,...)

Without having to have a fax modem or phone line, or install any extra software, you can receive fax on your computer or laptop running Windows, macOS, or Linux.

Just open the FAX.PLUS web app on any internet-enabled web browser, go to Faxes and have access to the list of your received faxes. Just make sure the other party is dialing the correct number with the correct pattern: County Code + Local Area Code + Fax Number.

How to receive fax on Slack

With FAX.PLUS Slack integration, you can choose to get your faxes as an attachment to the notification in your Slack workspace. The Slack Integration not only enables you to get notified of your received fax documents but it also keeps you updated with the status of your sent faxes.

See: How can I configure and manage my FAX.PLUS notifications in Slack?

What else? Well, if you wish to send and receive faxes on your own enterprise system, the FAX.PLUS programmable API is what you should be looking for. Learn more about our fax API for developers.

Why get an online fax number from FAX.PLUS?

World Wide Coverage: There are more than 40 different countries to get a dedicated fax number from, including the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, France, and many more.

Receive Faxes While Offline (24/7): Your fax number is always ready to receive new incoming faxes, even if you are not connected to the internet.

Multiple Platforms: FAX.PLUS is available across multiple platforms and enables you to receive your fax online on different devices. You can use your Computer or Mobile, your Email or even your Slack workspace to receive faxes.

Encrypted Faxes tab: All your fax data at rest are fully encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption and being a Swiss company and HIPAA compliant online fax service gives all our users’ data the protection of strict Swiss privacy laws.

Keep Your Current Fax Number (Porting): If you already own a fax number from another provider you can transfer that number to FAX.PLUS with no downtime and benefit from all our features. Your customers will never know the difference.

Vanity or Toll-Free Fax Numbers: We have a wide range of numbers in our pool and give you the option to choose your own custom (vanity) fax number or a toll-free fax number to suit your business requirement.

Overall, FAX.PLUS is recognized as the best online fax service for its reliability, security, and ease of use.

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