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How long does it take to transmit (send or receive) a fax?

For documents that contain mostly text it usually takes approximately 1 minute per page for the document to be delivered, however, the exact time required for transmitting a fax depends on two main factors:

1. The fax machine’s transmission speed (BAUD rate) for both sides of the communication (sending and receiving side)
Baud rate is the rate at which information is transferred in a communication channel and the transmission speed will adjust to the lower baud rate of the two fax lines. So, if the baud rate of the receiving fax line is not high enough, the transmission time increases accordingly.

2. The type of content that is being transmitted
For documents that contain graphics (e.g. scans of documents), it may easily take 3 minutes per page or more to be delivered. To minimize fax transmission time, you can use the “Optimize Document For Fax” feature for faster fax submission.

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