How to Fax Online: Tips, Tools, & More

Are you looking for a way to fax online? With a service like Fax.Plus, you can easily fax things over the Internet for a very low cost.There are multiple Fax.Plus plans to suit the needs of different businesses and their faxing requirements, making it easy to find and select what works best for you.

Why you should send faxes online

Many businesses still send and receive faxes regularly. In light of this, online fax has become increasingly popular due to its easy setup, usability, and the important benefits it offers, such as:

Secure communications

Organizations that deal with highly sensitive information frequently send and receive faxes online for one simple reason: it’s secure.This is because many services, like FAX.PLUS, encrypt all fax files to ensure that they are transmitted securely, keeping your sensitive data safe. On top of this, as there is no physical fax machine in the room, the risk of an unauthorized person seeing a received fax accidentally is eliminated. All of this makes online faxing one of the most secure forms of digital communication out there today.

Ease and flexibility

The best online fax providers make your communications easier and more flexible. When you get an online fax number, you can use it to send multiple faxes at once, no matter where you are, from any device. As well as releasing you from the need to be physically present at the fax machine, this can support improvements in your paperwork process. Rather than having to hunt around for scanners or rely on digital signature technology, you can quickly and easily send, print, sign, return, and file essential documents.

Fax.Plus is an acknowledged leader in this field and is currently the best online fax service available. It’s easy to use, affordable and doesn’t stint when it comes to extra features, such as Google Fax and other native integrations with Slack, Zapier, and Microsoft. All of this means that you can set up Fax.Plus with minimal disruption as it connects to your existing enterprise software. You can even send 10 pages for free with Fax.Plus, which makes it fantastic for individuals or freelance workers that only fax occasionally. However, even if you have more intensive faxing needs, it remains the most cost-effective premium choice on this list, with plans starting at just $6.99 p/m.

Free online fax services: Cost-effective or a false economy?

A free online fax system can be a good option if you don’t have heavy faxing needs or require a lot of extra features. They get the job done and are relatively secure.

They’re also quick and easy to use, and with the lack of extra features, it doesn’t take long to learn how to send a fax online for free.

However, if you want to send a lot of faxes and/or could benefit from features like digital document signing, number porting, and more, you may be better off subscribing to a premium service.

Of the online fax options available, a free service can be a great choice if you have limited needs, no access to a physical machine, and only want to send a couple of faxes every now and again. However, if you’re intending to make online faxing a larger part of your business, a free option will almost certainly hold you back.

Paid options come with things like added security, larger faxing limits, digital signature capabilities, number porting, online fax apps, and more. All of this can make a big difference to your online faxing operation.

All in all, if you’re likely to send faxes from email more than a few times a year, it’s worth paying to do so.

If you’re unsure whether a free or premium online faxing option would be better for you, try trialing a solution. Fax.Plus has a free tier that you can try out for as long as you like. If you’re impressed with what you find but feel you could use a more comprehensive solution, it’s easy to upgrade to one of the premium tiers at a later date.

Fax online & get the best of both worlds

Faxing has a lot of benefits. It’s secure, it’s great for record-keeping, and it can speed up your paperwork process.

However, fax probably isn’t as convenient as digital communication. You have to pay for the hardware to make it work, including top-ups of paper and ink, not to mention the maintenance the average fax machine requires.

Fax.Plus provides a best-of-both-worlds solution. You can easily send multiple faxes online and from any device, no matter where you are in the world. Moreover, when you do so, you can be sure your emailed documents will gain all the security of any other faxed document.

This is especially true with the Fax.Plus fax via email function. To do this, all you have to do is compose the email you want to send to fax and attach any documents needed.

Then, in the ‘To’ field of your email, enter the number of the recipient fax machine, including the area code, followed by

Hit ‘Send’, and wait for the delivery notification.

Fax online FAQs

How secure is online fax?
Whether your online fax is secure will depend, in part, on which service you use. FAX.PLUS, for example, offers some of the strongest security as it offers features like DDoS protection, as well as all faxed files being encrypted with unique encryption keys for each user.
On top of this, FAX.PLUS provides HIPAA compliant faxing. This makes it great for healthcare providers and those clients particularly concerned about patient data protection.
More generally, all faxes can be printed and turned into physical documents, which can be safely stored in secure physical locations that are impossible for cybercriminals to access. Even if these papers began life as digital documents, the digital files can be deleted once they’re printed without any loss of data.
So, online fax can be incredibly secure. However, make sure you check the security features of each service.
How easily can I get a fax number online?
Getting a fax online number is easy. Simply sign up for FAX.PLUS and create an account.
FAX.PLUS offers several options for your online fax number. You can either port your existing number into your FAX.PLUS account, choose a toll-free fax number or have one randomly assigned.
You can also change your online fax number if you wish. FAX.PLUS gives great flexibility when it comes to your settings and the number (or numbers) you use.

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