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What is Email to Fax? How to Receive & Send Fax From Email?

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The email to fax feature, enables users to send faxes to fax machines or online fax numbers right from their email client (or server). In other words, Email to Fax is like sending a regular email but the recipient will get your email on their fax machine or online fax dashboard. So, no matter you are using Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or even your own private mail server, you can use the email to fax feature easily. You just need to make sure your online fax provider supports the feature, enable it from your panel, read the instruction and take all your faxing jobs to your email.

What are the Email to Fax requirements?

To send and receive faxes through your email, you need to have the following requirements:One. A valid email addressTwo. An Internet-enabled device to access your emailsThree. Registering with an online fax service which supports Email to Fax featureFAX.PLUS, the leading cloud-based faxing service, is offering the Email to Fax feature for free and you even get to send 10 free pages to more than 150 countries using your free panel. It’s completely free and no credit card is needed. Sign up Now!

How to send fax from email with FAX.PLUS?

Once you complete your registration, you get to send faxes from your email right away. You just need to use the same email address associated with your FAX.PLUS account and make sure to enable the Email to Fax from your panel. Now, follow the steps below and enjoy sending faxes to any fax machine or online fax number all around the world (FAX.PLUS currently supports sending faxes to 152 countries, and more countries will be added soon.)

One: Open your email account in a browser or mobile (Don’t forget to use the same email address as used to register with FAX.PLUS)

Two: Add “ReceipentFaxNumber@fax.plus” in the TO field.** The pattern must be like this: “+” sign + country code + area code + fax number (+15852323232)

Three: Use the SUBJECT field to add a note or tag to your fax

Four: Use the BODY part as the cover sheet of your fax

Five: Start attaching files as the documents to be faxed

Six: Hit the Send button and your fax will be sent immediately

How to receive fax in your email?

If your online fax provider supports the Fax to Email feature, you’ll automatically receive an email once there is an incoming fax for you. The email contains the sender’s number along with the transmitted documents.

So, by choosing a suitable online fax service, you get to literally send and receive faxes right from your email. All you need to have is a valid email address, an active online faxing subscription and of course a device to check your emails.

Email to Fax has never been easier with FAX.PLUS. Sign up now for free and start sending fax from your email.

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