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What Are The Disadvantages of Fax Machines? What's the Solution?

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Your business is tied with sending and receiving faxes and your old fax machine is constantly working to transmit documents to other sources. Well, in this article I am going to discuss about the disadvantages of fax machines and at the end, I'm going to offer you a perfect solution for faxing in a way more optimized way. So, first let's review the cons and disadvantages of fax machines.

What are the disadvantages of fax machines?

They need constant maintenance: Fax machines need paper, ink, toner and some other equipment to be able to transmit and receive faxes. You need to have a checklist and always have some spare paper packs, ink, and toner.

They need a landline phone number: A fax machine cannot operate unless it is connected to a landline phone number. So, whenever you go, you must first make sure whether that place has a landline phone or not.

They don't support multitasking: What do I mean by this important disadvantage of fax machines? I mean that your fax machine cannot send a fax and receive a fax at the same time. And it cannot send multiple faxes at once. So, if you are going to send a single document to 50 recipients, you have to repeat the faxing process for 50 times.

They cannot be reached easily: If you need to fax a document, you need to be beside your fax machine and do the faxing process. Say, you are out of the office for a meeting and waiting for a confidential and urgent document to be sent to you by fax. What do you do?

They cannot be moved easily: If you are changing your office, it's not that easy to move your fax machine and keep your fax number as well.

They are not as secure: Where is your fax machine located in your office? Probably in the copy room. Well, anyone who passes by the fax machine may see the content of the received faxes on the tray.

They charge you like a regular phone calling: If you own an international company and deal with different clients all around the world, you need to consider the cost of calling overseas whenever you try to send a fax via your fax machine.

They are not environment-friendly: Forget about being a green company with your fax machine. Why? Becuase all your received faxes must be printed and you don't get to choose which faxes to print. Just imagine the situation that you are receiving tons of spam faxes daily and you have to print each of them.

What else? Well, I can also mention the fact that there is no quality guaranty when you send a document with your fax machine. The quality depends on the quality of the receiving machine, which you have no control over.

Well, what's the solution?Using an online fax service is the solution to all your trouble with your fax machine. They are fast, reliable, secure, cloud-based, green and cheap, and you have access to all your sent and received faxes from any internet-enabled device including your mobile phone or PC.

If you are not sure, whether these online fax services are useful for you, try the free FAX.PLUS faxing services and let me know about your experience.See Also: How to send a fax online from different platforms.


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