Microsoft Integration

Bring online faxing functionality into Windows and Microsoft Office applications

Send fax from MS Word

Send fax from Microsoft Office products

With the FAX.PLUS Word add-in and email to fax feature, you can send and receive fax securely and quickly from Microsoft Office applications. There is no need to install a driver, use a fax modem or have access to a landline phone service.

Send fax from MS Word

Send fax from Microsoft Word

You can send online fax from Microsoft Word or MS Word Online with the FAX.PLUS Office add-in. Install the add-in on your Windows desktop or Mac device, prepare the Word document you wish to fax and fax your document directly from MS Word. Get FAX.PLUS add-in.


Send and Receive fax on Microsoft Outlook

You can send your faxes from Microsoft Outlook using the email to fax feature and get your received faxes in your mailbox. Learn more


Send fax from other Microsoft Office applications

Send your fax online from other Microsoft Office productivity applications such as PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote. Once your project is ready, send it as a PDF to your Outlook application or any other mail client, and fax it from there.


Send and Receive fax on Windows 10

FAX.PLUS web app turns your desktop computer running Windows 10 (and other iterations of Windows) into a powerful fax machine to send and receive fax online from any internet browser. No fax modem or landline phone service is needed.

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