How to Send an IRS Form by Fax?

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Fax your tax forms with Fax.Plus

If you are a taxpayer and looking for a reliable and secure solution to send your IRS form 1040 or any other tax form to your accountant, your IRS agent or local office, Fax.Plus comes in handy in many different ways. When it comes to sending your personal information, such as your bank statements and credit card details to your tax preparer, the secure Fax.Plus solution makes sure all your confidential documents are stored securely in a fully encrypted storage 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and transmitted reliably via fax.

How to send an IRS form by fax?

When it comes to requesting certain tax forms and documents from the Internal Revenue Service agency, you can order such documents from the IRS through fax by getting a local fax number (or port your currently existing fax number) and add the ability to receive faxes in Fax.Plus.All your submitted documents will be accessible for future references in your fully encrypted Faxes tab and you can add notes and comments to each fax as well (If you wish you can also configure the service to not store your documents). Let’s see how you can send your tax documents as well your financial statements via the Fax.Plus secure faxing solution.

Send faxes securely with free faxing solution

  • Go to the Fax.Plus Web app or use any of our other platforms (Android, iOS) and login to your account (You can use your current email or Google account to sign up for free).

  • On the app, go to the Send Fax section.

  • Enter the IRS fax number in the To field and attach the IRS form you would like to submit.

  • Click on the Send button and wait for the confirmation email.

Benefits of using Fax.Plus for faxing tax forms

One of the major benefits of Fax.Plus for sending IRS forms, tax forms, and legal documents, in general, is that you can print your successful fax transmission confirmation page for future references. This confirmation page is always available in your Faxes tab and will also be emailed to you right after your fax is delivered. If you wish to go beyond just sending a free fax to the IRS, you can also subscribe to one of Fax.Plus paid plans and get a local fax number to be able to receive responses from the IRS by fax.

If you want to file your taxes by fax (for Form SS-4) please find IRS fax numbers on IRS’s Where to File Your Taxes for Form SS-4 page. You can also find more general information on where you can file your taxes by fax (Form 1040, Form 2553, Form 4868, Form 8962, Applying for EIN) on IRS’s Where to File Paper Tax Returns With or Without a Payment page.

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