There are different ways to send fax from Google applications, including Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets and even the Chrome web browser. To send fax with Google, you just need to have a Google account, a valid online fax subscription and follow a few simple steps. Speaking of having an online fax subscription, you need to make sure your online fax service provider comes with Google integration functionality.

So, keep reading to learn how to send fax from Google Docs, Google Sheets, Chrome, and send and receive fax using your Google mail account (Gmail):

How to send fax from Goolge Docs?

Thanks to the FAX.PLUS Google Docs add-on you can easily fax your documents right from the Google Docs. You just need to install the add-on, register a free FAX.PLUS account and you are all done. Follow these simple steps to send fax from Google Docs for free:

  1. Click here to download the FAX.PLUS add-on from the Google Docs Store (FAX.PLUS Google Docs add-on)
  2. Once the installation is finished, open the document you want to fax in your Google Docs
  3. Click on the Add-on followed by the FAX.PLUS and Send Fax options
  4. Wait for the fax add-on to fully load
  5. If you already have a FAX.PLUS account, you will be automatically logged in. Otherwise, you need to click on the Sign up button and create a free account (You need to verify your phone number to complete the registration)
  6. Simply add the recipient’s fax number and hit the send button to fax your document using the Google Docs
  7. You may also add a cover sheet to your fax, schedule your fax, optimize your document for fax and even send your fax to human operated telefax.

How to send fax from Goolge Sheets?

Sending fax from Google Sheets is the same as sending the fax from Google Docs. You just need to download the FAX.PLUS Google Sheets add-on from the Google Sheets Store, open your spreadsheet in Google Sheets and easily fax invoice or any other type of spreadsheet.


How to send fax from Gmail (and receive fax in Gmail)

The Send fax from Google journey comes to the Gmail. The FAX.PLUS email to fax feature enables users to easily send fax from Gmail (or any other mail servers and clients, including outlook) and receive faxes in their inbox. To send fax from Gmail follow these steps:

  1. Go to the FAX.PLUS website and register for a free account (Make sure to sign up with your Gmail account)
  2. Open your Gmail account and click on the Compose button to start sending an email
  3. Attach the documents you’d like to fax and use the Body field of the email as the cover sheet of your fax
  4. In the To field enter the recipient’s fax number followed by the (for example +[email protected]).
  5. Click on the Send button and you have successfully sent a fax from Gmail

How to send fax from Chrome Web Browser

And the last stop is Google’s web browser and the FAX.PLUS Chrome extension. To be able to have access to your fax archive from any tab on Chrome, you just need to install the FAX.PLUS Chrome extension. It adds a shortcut to your browser that redirects you to your FAX.PLUS panel. Download FAX.PLUS Extension from Chrome Web Store.



Can I use my Google Voice number to send and receive fax?

Google allows their Google Voice subscribers to unlock their number and port it to any other provider. Since FAX.PLUS supports porting, you can easily port out your Google Voice number to FAX.PLUS and start sending and receiving fax while keeping your Google Voice number. Learn how to send and receive fax on Google Voice.


So, with a FAX.PLUS account you can easily send fax from Google applications, and get your delivery confirmation in your Gmail.

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