Zapier Integration

Connect FAX.PLUS to enterprise software and applications you use every day

Integrate faxing with your enterprise software

Integrate FAX.PLUS with thousands of other programs and software and automate workflows by following a few simple steps. No coding experience needed.

Set Up Integrations

A tailored solution for your business

Define flows and integrations with different services and application as per your exact requirements. You can set triggers for when a new fax is received or define actions for automatic fax submissions.

Send fax and get notified of received faxes

Receive your faxes with attachments directly in your desired software. You also have the option to only receive notifications in your desired programs and keep the fax encrypted in your FAX.PLUS archive.

Endless possibilities

Build workflows between apps, automate your routine fax-related tasks and scale your productivity without any prior programming skills or any knowledge on how APIs work.

No development resources required

With absolutely zero coding experience or the help of your IT team, build Zaps and connect FAX.PLUS to more than 1,500 productivity, CRM and enterprise software and services.

How Zapier integration helps you be more productive


Integrate FAX.PLUS with Salesforce

Enhance your CRM experience by connecting FAX.PLUS to Salesforce instantly. With seamless integration, you can send and receive faxes right from your Salesforce account.


Integrate FAX.PLUS with ZOHO

Increase customer engagement by automatically sending faxes to your customers once specific information is received. You can also create new events in your Zoho CRM panel for received faxes.

Integrate FAX.PLUS with Zendesk

Take your support ticket system to the next level by integrating faxing functionality into your Zendesk panel. For each received faxes on your support fax number, a ticket is automatically generated on your Zendesk account.

Integrate FAX.PLUS with thousands of other software

With the FAX.PLUS Zapier integration, you can automatically store received fax files in a specific folder in your preferred cloud storage (such as Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, or Google Drive), list the details of your faxes in a spreadsheet on Google Sheets, create new Trello cards and much more. The possibilities are endless.