Slack Fax App

Get your fax right in your Slack workspace

FAX.PLUS Slack Fax App

FAX.PLUS Slack app

Integrate your FAX.PLUS account with your Slack workspace and get notified of received faxes and the status of your sent fax.
You can also configure the app to attach received faxes in the Slack message.

FAX.PLUS Slack Fax App

Receive your faxes directly in Slack


Get status update of your sent fax


Optional: Only receive notifications in Slack and keep the fax encrypted in your FAX.PLUS archive

Some features of the FAX.PLUS Slack app:

  • Choose to get your fax attached in your Slack message or simply get notifications only.
  • Once the Business/Enterprise admin connects FAX.PLUS to the team workspace, each team member can choose where (channel/direct) to receive their notifications separately.
  • Faxes are searchable and shareable within Slack.
  • Resend your fax right from Slack if it fails to send.
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