Enterprise Ready Cloud Based Faxing

Secure and Compliant solution for every industry and department

Discover everything you can do with FAX.PLUS Schedule a Demo

Discover everything you can do with FAX.PLUS

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A unique faxing solution tailored to your requirements

Move your fax infrastructure to the cloud and adopt a secure and compliant online fax service that is tailored to your industry. We’ve changed the unpleasant & unsecure experience of faxing into a productive, efficient, and secure experience.

Healthcare Industry

Adapt our HIPAA Compliant online fax solution to your administrative healthcare practice. Send and receive faxes at efficient costs with heightened protection thanks to our advanced security controls to shield patients’ Protected Health Information (PHI).

Schools & Educational Institutions

Eliminate the inefficiencies of fax machines and transport your educational institutions’ processes to the cloud with an easy to use portal, higher security, reduced costs, and options for multiple fax lines per faculty department to exchange the Personally Identifiable (PI) information of students.

Legal Services & Law Firms

Simplify the process of faxing important documents, contracts, and settlements whilst ensuring that client confidentiality is not breached with our secure service that encrypts fax documents. Track faxes in our electronic filing system and reduce turnaround time on signing and sending documents with MFP integration.

Financial Services

Save time on sending faxes with our easy to use cloud service that ensures all business transactions are handled with timeliness and utmost security while reducing capital costs. Manage your team through our centralized admin panel, keep track of sent and receive faxes, and even schedule faxes to transmit in the selected date and time from supported platforms.

IT Companies

Incorporate our service into your digital workflow with extended security and encryption measurements, reduced costs to send and receive faxes, and an audit trail of all previously exchanged files. Integrate FAX.PLUS into your tech company’s software system for heightened efficiency and interoperability.

Mortgage and Real Estate

Fax the necessary paperwork wherever you are from the supported platforms and close deals much easier and faster. All your sent and received fax documents are kept in your encrypted FAX.PLUS archive and you have the option to get delivery confirmation reports for your sent faxes for future references.

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