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What is eFax?

Modern and secure communication for businesses

eFax - Send and receive fax online

Not everyone who needs to send a fax owns or has access to a fax machine. This can make matters complicated when you’re short on time or in need of a secure faxing option as soon as possible. Thankfully, eFax is here to help.
Let’s walk through the basics of electronic online fax services before covering the ins and outs of the best electronic fax software available. Stick around to learn everything you need to know about electronic fax, whether you’re a small business owner and employee, freelancer or remote worker

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What is an electronic fax?

Before delving into the major advantages of using electronic fax, let’s cover the basics. More specifically, what is an eFax and what is the difference between fax and eFax?

Firstly, an eFax is a digitized version of a standard fax. It’s when you send a fax without using a fax machine from an internet-connected device.  This is usually done by accessing an app or fax platform that lets you send online faxes. 

On top of this, with providers like FAX.PLUS, you can also integrate faxing technology with other programs such as Google applications, Slack, and Zapier. Making it extremely convenient and easy to incorporate fax into your day-to-day operations. You get to enjoy all the benefits, such as having the ability to send 10 free pages, by using Fax.Plus. You can start with a free plan to try it out! When you’re ready to move on and upgrade, you can select what suits you best.

Benefits of eFax solutions over traditional faxing

As mentioned, eFax comes with lots of advantages. Here are some of the biggest ones:

It’s always available

Worried about closing times for stores that offer fax solutions? Don’t be. With eFax, you can send faxes whenever you want without needing to rely on the availability of the relevant equipment.
As long as you’re awake and ready to fax, your electronic fax solutions are too.

Highly secure

To ensure proper functionality, a fax machine requires a physical connection to a landline phone number, as it relies on the analog transmission of data through telephone lines, which is a fundamental aspect of its operation.


Electronic fax services are incredibly easy to use and come with as shallow a learning curve as possible. You can create an account and be faxing documents in minutes.

No maintenance to worry about

Broken equipment can’t hold you back when you’re using the best electronic fax services on the market. That’s because eFax providers remove the need for physical equipment, so there are no more worries about maintenance and upkeep.

Can be accessed from anywhere

With the help of an electronic fax app, you can fax anyone from anywhere, whether you’re near a shop with a fax machine or not.

Online faxing is green

Online fax solutions are environmentally friendly as they eliminate the need for paper, ink, and physical transmission, reducing waste and energy consumption, thereby promoting a sustainable and paperless office environment.

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FAX.PLUS: A free eFax service to get you started & flexible pricing for higher-volume users

You don’t have to break the bank to reap all the benefits that come with eFaxing. In fact, if you’re looking for the cheapest eFax solution while you’re still getting to grips with it, FAX.PLUS offers a limited free service. You can send 10 pages for free, which can be a great help when you’re still figuring out your faxing needs, or for independent freelance workers who only send a limited amount of faxes.

With this, you’ll get access to some of the great benefits of eFax, whilst having the time you need to figure out what plan may suit you best in the future.

When you’re ready to move on and upgrade, FAX.PLUS covers everything you need and then some. You can select what suits you best, whether you’re dealing with sensitive data and are security conscious, or you’re part of a remote team and want multiple users. Discover what works best for you and your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send an eFax?

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It’s quick and easy to send an electronic fax anytime you want and there are multiple options to do it depending on what works for you. You just need to create a free account, upload the documents you wish to fax, enter the recipient's fax number, and send your fax online.

Can I send an electronic fax from my mobile phone?

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Yes, you absolutely can.
One of the best things about eFax is that, by downloading the FAX.PLUS app,  you can use it from anywhere and on any device. In fact, on your mobile phone, you can access the full extent of the secure eFax services that FAX.PLUS offers, making it an ideal alternative to faxing via your computer.

Is an electronic fax the same as an email?

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No. While both services involve sending documents, electronic fax is the more secure option. It also has a much higher upper limit on the file size and number of documents you can send at a given time compared to most standard email providers.This makes eFax the best option for most businesses or individuals that need to send a lot of documents electronically.