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Moving your infrastructure to the cloud? Don't forget your fax (Benefits of cloud fax)

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Mobility, stability, scalability, and reliability are just some of the main benefits of moving your company's infrastructure to the cloud. No matter you are one of the enterprises who has already decided to move to the cloud, or you are still struggling between doing everything in-house or going cloud, there are several challenges and hidden costs that you should be aware of.

Many companies don't have a solid strategy for migrating to the cloud and therefore they don't exactly know what to move, what infrastructures to keep physical, and what challenges they are about to face. In this article, we are not going to discuss whether moving to the cloud is a good strategy for your company or not. We just want to remind you of one of the most important parts of the migration that is mostly taken for granted: Moving your telecommunication infrastructure, especially the faxing.

Fax is widely used in different organizations and industries including legal companies, healthcare organizations, and financial companies, and while your enterprise may not use a fax machine on a regular basis you need to be prepared for sending and receiving fax occasionally. That's where the cloud fax comes handy and covers the enterprises which their business relies on faxing and those that need to send and receive fax from time to time.


What are the benefits of cloud fax?

Now that you are thinking about having a cloud fax service, let's see some of the main advantages of going for a cloud-fax solution:

It's money and time saving: Once you move your faxing infrastructure to the cloud, you no longer need to have a fax machine or landline phone service to be able to send and receive fax. You will also say goodbye to the huge costs of maintaining your fax machines or fax servers as well as paying for ink, toners, and of course papers.

It's reliable: Fax strongly relies on proper telecommunication connections and sometimes you may fail to send your faxes successfully. But, when you adapt to an online fax service, not only you get to send your fax through more optimized hardware environments, you also get to use the automatic retry feature to make sure your fax goes through eventually.

It's secure: When you go for a cloud fax solution, you no longer need to worry about the privacy of your faxes. The confidential faxes will no longer stay on the fax machine's tray and you can be sure that only authorized people can read the documents transmitted over fax.

It's scalable: One of the many advantages of moving your infrastructure to the cloud is about scalability, and cloud faxing is not an exception. You can easily scale up the number of sent and received faxes and also the number of employees who are using online fax service on their desktop or mobile device.

It's available everywhere on any device: When you move to the cloud, it means you can access all your data whenever you want, wherever you are and on any internet-enabled device.


What are the advantages of FAX.PLUS cloud fax solution for companies and enterprises?

FAX.PLUS enables companies and enterprises to easily move all their faxing stuff to the cloud and some of the main advantages of the service are the following:

Keep your fax number: You can keep your fax number when moving to the FAX.PLUS cloud servers. Your customers and clients won't notice any difference and the porting fax number to the FAX.PLUS will be done for free. Learn more about fax number porting.

Google integration: Thanks to the Google integration feature and FAX.PLUS G Suite application, you get to easily send fax from Google Docs, Google Sheets, Chrome browser and your Gmail account. Learn about different ways to send fax from Google applications.

Available on Web, iOS, and Android: The cross-platform feature along with the seamless syncing feature enable you to send and receive fax from almost any device and have access to all your documents through your connected devices.

Send fax from email: The email to fax feature is for those enterprises who prefer sending and receiving fax on their personal or corporate email account.

Programmable fax API: FAX.PLUS also covers those enterprises who are looking for an efficient way to send and receive fax from their own software or application. learn more about how to integrate faxing into your enterprise software.

FAX.PLUS delivers an extremely secure, reliable and easy to use cloud faxing solution and the wide range of supported countries and available plans make sure any kind of business or enterprise can use the FAX.PLUS services as their primary cloud faxing service. Go to the FAX.PLUS pricing page to get to know more about our plans, or simply send an email to support@fax.plus and let us help you through.

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