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How can I import multiple contacts? (Import from Excel)

You have the option to add multiple contacts in batch by importing an Excel file. To import multiple contacts:

  1. Login to your FAX.PLUS account and go to the Contacts section.
  2. Click on the Import from Excel button.
  3. Read the instructions to make sure your Excel file follows the guideline. (Download the Excel Sample File)
  4. Click on the Import button to import your list.
  5. Your contacts successfully added.
Important notes when creating the Excel file

  • Excel file must contain only one sheet.
  • Name, number and order of the columns should be exactly matching with the sample file.
  • The number of rows per file should not exceed 1000.
  • Fax number field is mandatory, but completing the other fields is optional.
  • You can add several fax numbers into one group. To add several groups in the Excel file, please use ‘,’ or ‘;’.
  • If one of the row has invalid information (field name too long, mail or phone format incorrect, etc.), the row won’t be considered.
  • The fax number must start with “+”. If you are having difficulty adding a “+” at the beginning of the fax number, make sure to change the format of that cell to Text.

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