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How to Schedule a Fax Online (Set up for Sending Faxes at Specific Time)

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If you are running an international company and dealing with clients from all around the world, you have definitely had some challenges with it comes to communicating with clients from different time zones. If your business relies on transmitting faxes, having the option to schedule a fax online and setting up a specific time for sending faxes are essential for you. There are few online fax services that support the scheduled fax features and FAX.PLUS is one of them. So, to be able to schedule a fax to be sent on sometime in the future, do as follows:

How to schedule a fax online and send it later?

  1. Go to FAX.PLUS website and login to your account (If you are new to FAX.PLUS, simply register for free)
  2. Go to the Send Fax menu on your PC or mobile, and start adding the recipient's number, a cover sheet, as well as the documents you want to fax
  3. Now, click on the Gear icon to open the sending fax settings
  4. Make sure the "Scheduled Transmission" is enabled and then define the date and time you wish to send your fax. Make sure to choose the right time zone to set up the fax to be sent later
  5. You are all done and you just need to click on the Send button to schedule a fax to be sent at a specific time and date in the future.
  6. Your fax is now in the Outbox and will be automatically sent one the given time and date comes

So, you no longer need to worry about sending faxes at inappropriate times for your foreign clients and you get to easily schedule your faxes to be sent at perfect times. If you are not still sure whether this scheduled faxing feature is useful for you, create your account on FAX.PLUS and use your 10 free pages credit to test scheduled faxing for yourself.


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