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FAX.PLUS is now a HIPAA Compliant Fax Service

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Great news to our healthcare industry customers, from doctors and pharmacists to insurance agents, patients and more. Our top-rated online faxing solution just received an important security update and it is now a HIPAA compliant fax service. The HIPAA compliance feature along with ease of use, advanced security controls, worldwide coverage, and constant features updates make our online faxing solution the number 1 choice for any organization dealing with ePHI (Electronically Protected Health Information) and transmitting sensitive data.

So, if you or your company are a part of the healthcare industry, read on for full details about how secure FAX.PLUS is and how a HIPAA-compliant fax service can enable you to transmit ePHI without compromising the patients' privacy and their personal data.

Say hello to a secure online fax solution for the healthcare industry

FAX.PLUS is now complied with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and covered entities can send and receive ePHI without having to worry about data breach, unauthorized access, and most importantly misuse of patients' private information. In other words, using FAX.PLUS services, authorized personnel including doctors, medical assistants, nurses, and the administrative staff can transmit patients' sensitive data securely and reliably.

Not only do we ensure extreme security measures but also to help the industry comply with HIPAA regulations we also sign Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with our users.

How secure is the FAX.PLUS online fax solution?

When it comes to sending and receiving sensitive data, the first and most important concern is about the privacy and security. At FAX.PLUS, our number one priority is about the security and privacy of our customers. Not only do we encrypt the fax data in transit we also set the bar higher by encrypting fax data at rest by using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Besides the data encryption with the latest secure methods, all faxes are only stored in Swiss datacenters conforming to the most restrictive security standards. It makes sure our data is being kept in a safe and secure place with no unauthorized access to it.Learn more about FAX.PLUS security features

Looking for a HIPAA-Compliant online fax service? Try FAX.PLUS now!

Hospitals, medical clinics, insurance companies, private doctors, pharmacies and literally any individual or organization being related to the healthcare industry and transmitting private information of patients, need to go for a HIPAA compliant faxing solution. If you are looking for a secure and reliable online fax service which is actively being maintained and developed with new features, make sure to check the FAX.PLUS features, the details of our HIPAA compliant fax service as well as the security overview, and finally go to the Plans & Pricing page and choose the plan suits your business the most.


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