Release Notes

Product Release Notes

FAX.PLUS iOS – 7.5

May 07, 2020

FIXEDFixed the issue with accessing files on Google Drive for new users.


April 15, 2020

FIXED Fixed the issue on exporting archive to CSV in certain scenarios.


March 04, 2020

NEW Toll-free numbers are now available in Canada.

FAX.PLUS Android – 9.3.0

February 26, 2020

NEWAdded the option to download fax files onto device storage.
NEWAdded system status for real-time and historical data on service status.
IMPROVEDFixed crashes reported by users.


February 16, 2020

NEW Introducing Data Residency feature to address compliance concerns and enable users of Enterprise plans to choose where to reside fax files and the backups of fax files. Learn more

FAX.PLUS Android – 9.2.0

February 06, 2020

NEWAdded the option for the admin of Business and Enterprise plans to add new numbers to their account.
NEWAdded the option to upgrade plan to Enterprise/Business.
FIXEDFixed the bug where scanning a new image would not always work properly on the first initial launch of the app.
FIXEDFixed the bug on the Contact Us page, preventing users from submitting new feedback in certain scenarios.


December 29, 2019

FIXEDFixed the issue where deleting fax files from Outbox would not work on certain scnearios.

FAX.PLUS Android – 9.0.0

December 04, 2019

NEWThe admin of Business and Enterprise plans can now benefit from the all the features our app has to offer.
NEWAll corporate users with multiple fax numbers can send and receive fax on their phones.
IMPROVEDBug fixes and all around improvements.

FAX.PLUS Web – 1.32.3

November 26, 2019

NEWThe admin of Business and Enterprise plans can now assign more than one number to the users on their account. Learn more

FAX.PLUS iOS – 7.4

November 04, 2019

NEWWe’ve completely rewritten the built-in scanner from scratch to deliver a super convenient scanning experience.
IMPROVEDMultiple bug fixes and all around improvements‍‍‍.

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