Release Notes

Product Release Notes

FAX.PLUS Android – 6.0.4

January 02, 2019

NEWAdded a trash folder to the archive. Your deleted files will now appear in the trash before disappearing forever.
IMPROVEDBug fixes and all around improvements.

FAX.PLUS Web – 1.19.10

December 30, 2018

NEWAdded fax confirmation page feature (Learn more)
NEWImplemented report validation page
IMPROVEDAdded the option to choose between getting the confirmation page or the faxed document in your email

FAX.PLUS Web – 1.18

December 23, 2018

IMPROVEDRevised address verification to handle multiple addresses and numbers
IMPROVEDAdded more options to the settings of email notification

FAX.PLUS Web – 0.17.5

November 26, 2018

NEWWeb app URL now supports destination number as an input
IMPROVEDOptimized PayPal in Profile for a much faster loading
IMPROVEDChanged mass fax limitation from 100 to 500 faxes per request
FIXEDReset password not functioning properly in Safari browser
FIXEDResending user’s fax by the manager in Business and Enterprise plans not working

FAX.PLUS Android – 6.0.3

November 14, 2018

NEWNotifications section in the Profile tab
NEWSlack integration in the Notifications section
IMPROVEDChanged mass fax limitation from 100 to 500

FAX.PLUS Web – 0.16.3

November 14, 2018

IMPROVEDModified reset password page (Added separate page with a separate URL)

FAX.PLUS Web – 0.16.1

November 13, 2018

NEWAdded more data regarding the number in page
FIXEDRemoving profile picture not working

FAX.PLUS Android – 6.0.1

October 31, 2018

IMPROVEDMade some modifications to improve the user experience on small devices
FIXEDBug fixes in Telefax section
FIXEDBug fixes in Contacts section

FAX.PLUS Android – 6.0.0

October 30, 2018

NEWAdded a magnifier to the scanner
IMPROVEDModified the built-in scanner

We’re starting a release note page

NEW Big news today, we’re starting a public release note page so you’re always up to date with all the updates, improvements and fixes that are made for FAX.PLUS.

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