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What is Team Size?

Team size is the number of members that have been invited by the admin to join the team. Adding new members to the team is free of charge and there is no limit on the size of a team on Enterprise plans.

Only on Business and Enterprise plans you can set up a team and manage multiple users.

How can I set up a team?

To set up a team, the admin of the Business or Enterprise plan needs to invite new members, and once they accept the invitation, they will automatically become part of the team.

The admin can assign numbers to members so they can send and receive faxes as part of their team’s account, or the members can only send faxes using the default caller ID set by the admin.

Team members have their own credentials to sign in to FAX.PLUS and send and receive faxes from multiple devices and platforms including Web, Mobile, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and Email.


Is there any limit on the size of the team?

On the Enterprise plan, there is no limit on the number of members joining a team, and the admin can invite as many members as required. But, on the Business plan, the team size is limited to 5 users.

To manage the number of members on a team, the admin can delete the users who have not accepted the invitation, or the users who no longer are required to be part of the team.

If you change the status of a member to Disable, he/she is still counted as part of your team.


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