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  • I subscribed to a Premium plan. Can I change my plan to Basic?

Yes. If your Premium plan doesn’t fit your fax consumption, you can still come back to the Basic plan. This is also the case if you have a Basic plan and you want to upgrade to the Premium plan.

If you subscribed to an annual plan, you will only be able to switch between annual subscriptions.

Please be aware that you can’t switch from a Business or Enterprise account to a Basic or Premium account.

  • Will I lose my fax number if I don’t extend my subscription?

If your paid subscription becomes inactive and your payment method is not updated within 15 days you won’t be able to send or receive any fax. After the inactive period expires, you will lose your number.

  • What is the difference between subscription extension and extra credit?

With every month of subscription you get a specific number of free pages, however, if you wish to send/receive more pages, you would need to add extra credit.

  • Can I divert my previous fax number to my new FAX.PLUS number?

Yes, you will receive all faxes sent to your previous number in your FAX.PLUS account.

  • Why do I need to enter a phone number at the subscription?

To guarantee our FAX.PLUS service and avoid spam accounts, we need to verify your account. Please be aware that no other message will be sent to your phone number other than the code verification. Your phone number is safe with us and won’t be shared or sold to anyone.

>> Other questions regarding your subscription? Please contact us!

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