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How to receive send fax online from Windows 10?

The FAX.PLUS Web application enables you to easily and securely receive and send fax online from Windows 10. Follow these step and send fax from Windows 10 online without the need to have a fax modem or landline phone

  1. Click here to open the FAX.PLUS Web app on your web browser (You need to login or sign up for free)
  2. Make sure Send Fax is the active tab
  3. Add the recipient’s number and attach the files to be faxed, including an optional fax cover sheet
  4. Click on the Send button and your document(s) will be faxed immediately

Please note that, on the FAX.PLUS free plan you will be assigned with 10 free pages, and you need to either upgrade your plan or buy some credit in order to fax more pages from Windows 10.

Updated on May 16, 2018

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