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How to automatically upload received faxes in Dropbox?

To automatically upload received faxes in Dropbox via Zapier in your desired folder:

Set up the trigger 

  1. Log in to your Zapier account and click on the Make a Zap button
  2. Choose FAX.PLUS as the Zap trigger (If you don’t see FAX.PLUS in the list, type the name)
  3. Choose “New Fax Received” as the trigger event and click on Continue
  4. Click on the “Sign in to FAX.PLUS” button to grant permission to Zapier to manage your FAX.PLUS account. (You will be redirected to FAX.PLUS website to grant permission)
  5. Click on Continue and then click on Test Trigger to make your trigger is set up correctly
  6. Click on Continue to finish setting up the trigger


Set up the action

  1. Choose Dropbox in the list of available applications
  2. Choose “Upload File” as the action event and click on Continue
  3. Grant Zapier the required permission to access your Dropbox account (You will be redirected to Dropbox website to grant permission)
  4. Click on the Folder and specify the folder you wish to upload your received fax files.
  5. Click on the File and choose “File (Exists but not shown)”
  6. Choose the desired File Name and then click on Continue
  7. Click on Test & Continue button and then turn on your Zap


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