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How much does it cost to send a fax?

The cost of sending a fax is calculated based on the destination you want to send fax to, your current plan, and the duration of the transmission.

Destination: Faxes sent to certain destinations may count as multiple pages and you need to check our Rates page before sending a fax. For example, while each page faxed to most destinations in the United States counts as 1 page (1x multiplier), for some other countries it may be counted as 2 pages (2x multiplier).

Your Plan: The cost of sending a single extra page is $0.2 for Free plans, $0.1 for Basic plans, $0.05 for Premium and Business plans, and $0.03 for Enterprise plan. For example, if your current plan is Basic, you’ve run out of the allocated 100 monthly pages, and you are going to fax 5 pages to a destination with a 2x multiplier, you’ll be charged with $1.

Duration: How long does it take for a single page fax to transmit? If the duration exceeds 60 seconds, 1 extra page is calculated for every 60 seconds. For example, if sending one page to a destination with a 1x multiplier takes 180 seconds to be transmitted, you’ll be charged for 3 pages.

Note that, once you sign up with the FAX.PLUS for the first time, you’ll be credited with 10 free pages which can be used to send 10 pages to destinations with 1x multiplier. For more details on our available plans and prices, please visit https://www.fax.plus/pricing/

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