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How can I port my Google Voice number to FAX.PLUS?

To port your Google Voice number to FAX.PLUS, you need to first unlock your number and then request to start the porting process.

To unlock your Google Voice number please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Google Voice unlock page
  2. Select the Google Voice number you wish to port out to the FAX.PLUS
  3. Click Unlock my number followed by Continue (To start unlocking your Google Voice number, you need to pay $3 to Google)

Once your number is unlocked, please follow these steps to start the porting process:

To start the porting process to FAX.PLUS we need the following documents sent to [email protected] with the subject: Porting Request.

  • The filled out and signed LOA form (Please download and use the doc or the pdf file).
  • Your last invoice for your Google Voice number (we need the invoice to authorize ownership of the number).
  • After filling the documents please upgrade your account to your desired plan with a random number (this number will be temporarily allocated to your account), and send us the email address of which you have upgraded your account with.

An acceptable copy of invoice


When we have these two documents and are notified of your plan upgrade we will start the process and notify you accordingly of the progress.
Once the porting process is done, we will assign the ported fax number (your Google Voice number) to your FAX.PLUS account and remove the temporary fax number.

If you wish to keep both your temporarily assigned number and your ported number on one account, simply upgrade your plan to Business or Enterprise.

Updated on April 17, 2019

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