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How can I choose my plan?

Who are you?

I’m not a frequent fax user or I just want to test FAX.PLUS

You can sign-up to the Free account and send up to 10 pages for free.

With the FAX.PLUS Free account, you don’t need to enter your credit card information to use our service. The FAX.PLUS website and mobile applications do not have any advertisements, even with the Free plan.

>> No engagement, get a free plan now!

I’m not a frequent fax user, but I need to send more than 10 pages at once

You can either get a Free plan and add credit for the extra pages or subscribe to a monthly plan such as Basic or Premium depending on how many pages you need to send. Once you’re done, and if you don’t need to send fax anymore, you can cancel your plan and you won’t be charged any longer.

>> Check out the pricing per plan!


I need to have a fax number for my business

If you just need to have a fax number to receive faxes, choose between a Basic and Premium account. Depending on how many faxes you receive each month, check which offer fits you the best.

>> Check out the different types of fax numbers you can get!

>> Check out how you can get a fax number!


I require a higher volume of faxing

Depending on your business and your fax usage, you can choose between the Basic, Premium, Business, or Enterprise plans. You just need to define what are your needs before choosing: how many faxes do you send and receive each month, and to which country do you send your faxes to?

You might need the help of our pricing tool to see how much it costs to send a fax to each specific destination. You can simply enter the fax number destination and you will see how much it will cost you per page.

If you need to have more than one fax number, you will definitively need to subscribe to one of our multi-number plans, Business or Enterprise. 

I need to have several fax numbers and to manage users

If you need to have more than one fax number, you have to subscribe to one of our Corporate subscriptions. The FAX.PLUS Business and Enterprise plans are flexible for your company and allow you to manage your users and numbers as easily as you can.

With the FAX.PLUS Enterprise plan you can:

  • Get an unlimited number of fax numbers. You can choose for each of your numbers the country and the city you like
  • Invite an unlimited number of users to your account
  • Manage your users and your fax consumption at the same time: assign some quotas to your users, add some hierarchy levels

>> Any question on the corporate account? Contact us so that we can answer your thoughts and worries!

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