Please find below the main terms used on FAX.PLUS.


Term Definition
Archive Place where your fax records are kept. If you are a FAX.PLUS logged-in user, you can find your archive here.
Assign number
Allote a fax number to a FAX.PLUS user
List of numbers under suspicion, or considered untrustworthy, unwanted, etc.
Cloud Based Faxing
Cloud Based Faxing lets you keep information on a remote server (the cloud), instead of trapped in one defined computer. You can access your faxes from a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer wherever you have an Internet connection.
Any person or organization whose personal or professional details have been saved.
Corporate Administrator
Corporate account’s boss. He can:

  • Manage users: invite them, define their hierarchy (Corporate Manager or Corporate User), add some quota, disable or remove them
  • Manage Fax numbers: add some fax numbers, remove them, assign them to the users.
  • Manage the subscription: he is in charge of the payment of the subscription.
Corporate Manager
In the hierarchy, Corporate Manager manages some corporate users. He can access to his corporate users’ archive.
Corporate User
A corporate user can send faxes according to the quota that has been assigned to him and can eventually receive fax if a fax number has been assigned to him.
Cover Page

A cover page protects your fax from prying eyes. It can display the following information:

  • Name of your recipient
  • Total number of pages sent
  • Your name and your contact information

Check out how to add a cover page to your fax.

Extension Dialing
Feature that allows you to reach an internal phone line (or extension), by dialing a shorter set of digits. Check here to learn how it works on FAX.PLUS
Fax Header
The header provides pertinent information that allows the recipient to identify the sender and the date and time the transmission went through. You can add or edit a small part of the fax header by including your name in it. Here is how to proceed.
Feature available from the user’s Inbox and Sent tab (Archive tab). Choose to whom you want to send your fax, content of the fax is kept. You can still edit your fax content.
SMS or mail notification to keep you informed all the time 
Optimized Transmission
With this feature your documents will go through our image processing servers and get optimized for fax transmission, resulting in a much better quality fax and reduced transmission time.
Total fax pages allowed per user, defined by the Corporate administrator.
Feature available from the user’s Inbox (Archive tab). Destination number is kept, content of the fax is up to you. You can also add some other destination numbers.
Feature available from the user’s Sent tab (Archive tab). Destination number is kept, content of the fax is kept. You can still add other destination numbers and edit your fax content.
Feature that allows you to sign a document without needing to print it and scan it again.
Our intelligent algorithm identifies spam marketing faxes targeted to FAX.PLUS users and we will charge you no fee for such faxes. However in the case of misidentification, these faxes can be viewed in your Spam folder.

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