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Data residency for FAX.PLUS

Data residency for FAX.PLUS allows the owner and admins of Enterprise plans to choose the storage location for faxed documents. Admins have the option to choose different data storage locations for two different types of data: their live data and the backup of their data.

By migrating your data in between different regions no compromise will be made on your FAX.PLUS feature set. You will benefit from all the features of FAX.PLUS while complying with your local data residency regulations.

Available locations for data storage

• Americas: • Europe: • Asia Pacific:
Oregon Geneva Sydney
Los Angeles Zurich Tokyo
Iowa London Osaka
South Carolina Frankfurt Seoul
N. Virginia Finland Hong Kong
Montreal Belgium Taiwan
São Paulo Netherlands Mumbai

What categories of data will be migrated when a new region is chosen for data residency?

  • Stored sent fax files (across the entire team)
  • Stored received fax files (across the entire team)
  • Backups of all fax files will be stored within the selected region for backup files

The following categories of data may still be processed and stored in regions outside of the user’s selected data region, in one of our datacenter locations in Zurich or Geneva:

  • Raw files uploaded by the user in order to be converted into a fax compatible file and be processed for transmission. These temporary files will be automatically deleted once the file conversion process for fax transmission is completed (maximum one hour after the file upload).
  • Fax files during the transmission phase for both incoming and outgoing faxes. These temporary files will be automatically deleted in maximum one hour after fax transmission.
  • Metadata about user’s faxes and information about the user’s account and billing.
  • A small thumbnail of faxes are cached in order to be served with the lowest latency.

Once a new region is selected and the data migration process is initiated, all newly received/sent faxes will be stored in the selected region. As for the previously stored faxes, depending on the number of documents and their size, the migration process may take between a few minutes to a few days. After the migration is completed, all of the stored faxed documents on FAX.PLUS and any newly received/sent fax will be stored fully encrypted in the chosen location.

If you are an existing Enterprise user and wish to migrate your data (live data and backup data), login to your admin panel and:

  1. Go to the Profile section and click on the Compliance tab
  2. In the Data Residency box, click the Edit button and choose where you wish to store the live data and backup data
  3. Click Save to initiate the data transfer and you will receive an email with more details

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