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How can I add a cover sheet page to my fax?

A fax cover sheet is a page that is faxed to your recipient before your actual fax message and is used to identify the sender, the intended recipient, the subject, and maybe a few lines about the content of the attached documents.

To add a cover page to your fax:

  1. Go to the Send Fax section.
  2. Click on Add Page followed by Cover Sheet.
  3. Fill in the requested information about the recipient and the document you are faxing, and click Confirm.
  4. Your data will be added to our pre-formatted cover sheet template and will be faxed as the first page along with your other documents.

pre-formatted template for fax cover sheet

Alternatively, you can also import your own custom fax cover sheet template. To add a custom template as a cover sheet,  click on Add File, select your document and make sure it is displayed on the top of the list. Please refer to the fax cover sheet templates page and download printable fax cover sheet templates.

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