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What is online fax broadcasting and how it helps enterprises boost productivity?

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Fax broadcasting (also know as fax blast or mass faxing) is the ability to send a single document to more than one recipient at once. In other words, with fax broadcasting, you can manage to send fax to multiple recipients simultaneously with the least effort.

In this article, we first discuss why fax blast is needed and how corporates can use it to reach out to their customers, and then we discuss the benefits of online fax broadcasting feature and how it can increase the productivity of corporates and enterprises.

Fax broadcasting; is it really needed?

The short answer is Yes! But, it really depends on the type of corporate your are running or the type of enterprise you are part of.

If you are dealing with several sales agents and you are always having difficulties faxing them the time-sensitive price list updates, then using the fax broadcasting feature is a must-have solution for you. You just need to prepare the new pricing list and have it broadcasted to the desired destinations with a single click.

If you are part of a large enterprise and always deal with different new agencies to send press releases and product updates to, then with the fax blast solution you can securely and reliably send those press releases to multiple recipients at once.

If your corporation requires you to send RFPs (Request for Proposal) to different suppliers for the ongoing projects, you might just need to prepare the proposal for one time and then easily broadcast it via fax to the suppliers.

Special Hint: You can get the most out of the dynamic content feature to prepare a template, start the fax broadcasting process and send your faxes to different recipients with different headers.

There are so many other ways that enterprises can use fax blast to send a single document to multiple recipients at the same time, and depending on the type of business the usage may vary.

How online fax broadcasting can boost the productivity of your business?

We have already discussed how internet fax services can boost your productivity. But here we are going to focus on the fax blast feature and how sending the same fax to multiple numbers at once can help the businesses and enterprises save time and money and increase their productivity.

Let's count a few reasons why we believe online fax broadcasting (fax blast) can boost the productivity of your business:

  • You can assign each contact to different groups (This is perfect when it comes to sending mass faxes for different groups in different campaigns)
  • You can view the detailed report of the statuses of already transmitted faxes
  • You can re-send your faxes with ease (In case you need to run your campaign again)
  • You can easily set up your fax broadcasting process without having to be tech-savvy!
  • You can send fax to multiple contacts with dynamic content
  • You can schedule your fax broadcasting for a date and time in the future.

FAX.PLUS offers a professional online fax broadcasting service at affordable prices

If you are looking for professional yet super easy to use fax broadcasting service to send your messages to 180+ different countries all around the world, FAX.PLUS is probably your best choice. FAX.PLUS is a secure and HIPAA-compliant online fax service that enables you to send fax to multiple numbers from the web and mobile apps.


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